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Airline Pet Travel Information

Planning Your Pet's Trip


planning your pet's trip


Airline Pet Policies
Pet Friendly Private Jet Charter
The Cost to Ship a Dog, Cat or Other Animal by Air
Why and How You Need to Address Your Pet's health for Travel
Five Tips for Routing your Pet's Flight
Tips on Booking an Airline Ticket for You and Your Pet
Acclimating Your Pet to its Crate or Carrier
When Do You Need a Pet Transporter?
Why is Leash Training and Socialization Important When Traveling with a Pet
Transiting a Country and What is Needed
How to Crate Train a Puppy for Travel
Traveling with Your Pet - 6 Tips for Happy Vet Visits


Airline Pet Travel: In-Cabin


airline pet travel - flying in the cabin with your pet


Airline Pet Carrier Requirements
Selecting a Carrier that is Airline Compliant
Clearing Airport Checkpoint Security with your Pet
How to Clear Airport Security with a Pet
Flying with Service and Emotional Support Animals
US DOT Issues New Ruling on ESAs
Emotional Support Animal Airline Policies
Private Airline Charters


Airline Pet Travel: Checked Baggage & Air Cargo


airline pet travel - flying your pet in the cargo hold


When you can't accompany your pet
Keeping your pet safe when traveling in cargo
Why Temperatures when Flying a Pet in Cargo
Weather Restrictions in Cargo
Preparing Your Pet's Crate for Travel
Pet Cargo Container Requirements & Information
Is Your Pet's Crate IATA Compliant?
CR 82 Crate Requirements for Flying a Pit Bull and Other Dangerous Dog Breeds
Information on Flying with a Snub-Nosed Pet
Airline Policies for Flying a Snub Nosed Pet in the Cargo Hold
Pet Cargo Incidents-Change in DOT Reporting?


Tips & More Information on Flying your Pet


airline pet travel - more information


Tips on Traveling with Your Pet on an Airplane
10 Things Not to Forget When Flying With Your Pet
More Tips for Easy Airline PetTravel
Traveling with Your Cat
Flying with a Dangerous Dog Breed
Tips on Traveling with a Pet
Traveling with an Older Pet
Traveling with a Puppy
Tips for Traveling with a Disabled Pet
Changes in Airline Pet Travel
Getting Your Pet in Shape to Travel
Airport Pet Hotels
Pet Passports/Regulations for Over 200 Countries
Will My Pet Be Quarantined?
USDA Endorsement
CFIA Endorsement
Airline Acclimation Certificate
Get an Airline Veterinary Certificate
Medical documents & suggestions
Holiday Travel with your Pet


Other Pet Travel Information
International Pet Travel
Pet Travel by Ground
Pet Travel by Sea
Frequently Asked Questions


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