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Canadian Pet Travel - CFIA Certification/Endorsement

Health Certificate Endorsement

Most countries including all of the EU Member States require that a veterinary certificate issued in Canada by a licensed veterinarian then be endorsed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). The following is the procedure for acquiring this certification.

Have your veterinarian complete the EEU Health Certificate if traveling to an EU Country or the veterinary certificate for the country you are traveling to if it is not an EU Country.

Your vet will complete the veterinary certificate including the vaccination record and will affirm that the pet is free of parasites, free of diseases communicable to humans, and in good health.

Some rabies free countries require a blood titer test although the UK rules have changed as of January, 2012 and a blood titer test is no longer required if entering the UK from a rabies free country or countries with a low incidence of rabies..

Some countries also require a certificate of treatment against ticks and tapeworms sometimes referred to as the Echinococcus treatment.

Your veterinarian must sign and date the forms required for the country you are visiting.

Take or mail the original of the form(s) to the nearest CFIA and they will endorse and stamp them.

There is a fee for CFIA endorsement ($20.00). More than 1 animal with the same owner going to the same destination can be listed on a form. If your vet uses separate forms for each animal, there will be a cost per form.

If there is not a CFIA office located nearby you can send the forms by mail.


  • The original of the form(s)
  • Payment in the amount of $20 per form
  • A self-addressed, stamped, envelope for returning the forms to you.

The CFIA normally sends the forms back within 2 business days of receiving them.

The addresses and phone numbers for the CFIA offices are listed here. .

NOTE: It is recommended that you call in advance to make sure of the method of payment and amount.

For additional information contact:
Canadian Food Inspection Agency /
l'Agence canadienne d'inspection des aliments
Tel: (613)225-2342

CFIA Certification Form.