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Pet Friendly Ferries - Pet Friendly Cruise Ships

There are many options for pet friendly ferries between European Union and United Kingdom countries. Cruise ships include the Queen Mary 2. Here are some of them:

Traveling by ship or ferry with your pet

At the present time there is only one cruise ship, the Queen Mary 2 that allows pets on very long voyages. However, there are dozens of ferry liners with accommodations for both pets and their humans. Many of these are located in Europe, where you will be aboard ship with your pet for between several hours and several days. These are very large ships which make ports of call in several countries. Some of them accept automobiles on board as well. Other smaller ferries are more local. They generally serve two ports of call with a journey of only a few hours. Ferries provide for convenient transportation to locations that would otherwise call for flying or longer drives. It is a great way to travel with your pet by your side.

Click on the cruise / ferry line for rules and information on taking your pet aboard the ferry or cruise ship.

Pet Friendly Ferries - Ferries serving Europe
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We do verify pet policies often; however, as the rules change frequently, we recommend you check back with us if your travel date is more than 60 days away.

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