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Pet Travel Information

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Pet Passports
pet air transport

What is a pet passport? We refer to pet passports as the collection of documents that you will need to import your pet to any foreign country. On our pet passport page, you can search for pet passport information for over 220 countries. Each country page has links to further instructions and forms that can be emailed to you. We have done the research for you!


Airline Pet Policies
pet transport by air

If your pet will be flying in the cabin, as checked baggage or as air cargo, you can find airline pet policies for over 160 commercial airlines that will fly your pet worldwide. Before making your reservation, be sure and know your airline's policies for flying pets so there are no surprises at check in.


Pet Travel by Air
pet travel by air

If you know your airline's pet policies and you want to learn more about transporting your pet by air, this section is for you. We have lots of tips and informatin on flying a pet in the cabin or in the cargo hold, what you should be doing to plan your trip, and how you can make the trip easier and safer for your dog or cat.


Pet Travel by Ground
pet travel by ground

Here you can find tips and great information on traveling with your pet in a car, on a train or on public transportation. Everything from preventing anxiety in the car to riding on trains in the European Union. We add information to this section often so be sure and check it out frequently.


Pet Travel by Sea
pet travel by sea

Ready for the experience of a lifetime for you and your pet? We can arrange for pet friendly private jet charter service from almost anywhere in the world to a destination of your choice. No more having to put your pet in the cargo hold. No more waiting in lines and clearing security at the airport. Your pet can fly by your side in the cabin in luxuriously appointed aircraft according to your schedule.


Frequently Asked Questions
frequently asked questions

We get hundreds of questions from pet owners traveling the world with and without their pets. Here you can find some of the most common questions we receive. Maybe your question will be answered here. If not, then you can contact us via Email or Facebook or Twitter or our Blog or our Forum.


More Information
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Need more information? Find general information on transporting a pet, pet health, fun with your pet and many other useful topics that will inform and amuse you.