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Thank you Susan. It is certainly nice to deal with someone who is so responsive and who "knows their business".

Just to let you know that we arrived safe to Mexico after an exhausting trip from Australia. Thank you so much for guiding me through the paperwork. I didn't have any issues, and the carrier was perfect for my cat Valentina travelling in the cabin from LAX to Mexico. Your customer service is excellent. I really appreciate your help on this as it was such a long trip!

Thank you, Susan! You are such a great help :) all the best.

I can't thank you enough for all your help and support. I made it back to England with my 3 cats: 27 hours straight driving from Montenegro to Belgium (cats didn't make any mess!). Then 2 weeks in Brussels and a visit to the vet to check paperwork etc., and then 6 hour drive to England. This may sound dramatic but you literally saved me from my panic - my life was so dreadful there I had to escape and I knew the cats would come to a very unpleasant end if i'd left them there. So thanks to you my kitties are happy and secure and in a civilized country!

Okay thank you so much! I just wanted to let you know that your website has been a savior with traveling with our pets!

I appreciate your input and where you find your information-which is probably the most reliable source I ve seen so far. This is so important for us pet owners. A simple correction, a simple step in the right direction, to get our pets there safe and sound without any hiccups, means the whole family get there safe, sound and more relaxed. Its a priceless job that you do.

It means so much, to me in particular, who rescued a little dog that was yearning for a good home and we can continue having her in our lives, on our new adventure without leaving her with strangers or putting her up for adoption. We truly need more people like yourself, who really take time to find out the right info and stay in contact with the pet owners.

We arrived to the UK. All went well. I would like to thank you for all assistance you provided during the time I had thousands of questions.

I deeply and sincerely thank you for contacting me back. You guys are great job. Have a beautiful day.

I was doing some research for my wife about bringing in a dog from Thailand to Fiji and found the information on your website very useful and easy to access. Thank you for providing such a website.

Thank you so much for this! Really appreciate the informative response, as well as your website that has been very helpful in my research.

Thank you for your quick response. You have been so helpful and can't thank you enough, a valuable website of which I will pass on to friends and am sure to use again for more information.

Thank you so much.. who knew this was going to be such an undertaking. I'm so glad that you have all of the information readily available for purchase.

Ok, great! Thank you so much for all your help. It's a pleasure to have such awesome customer service. I will be sure to recommend you to anyone I know traveling with pets.

Oh my God, you guys are awesome, I have been asking everyone I know if they can put me in touch with some authority that can help identify her before she gets here, you just answered a question I hadn't asked, what great people you are!! Thank you so much!

Thank You Mr. Grant for your speedy response to my email. The site is so informative and has everything we need for our travels with our pet.

Thank you! I have to say this websites makes I so much easier to understand what I need to do.

Thanks for putting all these things together, Jerry - these resources are phenomenal! I'll check back closer to the actual travel date - we're about 40 days out.

Thank you Phil. Thank you...a lot. I was so worried and now I'm not. Thank You and Pettravel.

A belated thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. We made it to Italy and you were correct in telling me that we could not get a pet passport for our dog because we are non EU citizens but would be able to travel with him for 4 months. In a sea full of confusing (and often incorrect) information, you brought a welcome calm.

This is the most helpful website that i have found on the web in relation to basically any and all kinds of pet travel questions, thank you!!!

Have to say having rang Defra for information & was more confused having spoken to them. Your website is lovely & simple & clear.

You are one in a million. With this kind of customer service, you can't go wrong. Thanks again for taking the time for me and my animals.

Thank you sooooo much for helping me. Trying to make sure my dogs are safe to travel and meet all the requirements has been very stressful. You have been so very helpful. I can't thank you enough.

Your website is the simplest and easy to understand of any I've looked at. Thank you so much.

For anyone else who doesn't know PETTRAVEL yet, they provide a tremendous TIME-SAVING service for a great price, and then go above and beyond to make sure that all your questions are answered and needs met. In my case, my phone message left wasn't clear and Phil went to great lengths to figure out what my correct phone number was and called me on Sunday to make sure I had what I needed in time! That kind of service and caring is even more appreciated when you are trying to get off on a demanding trip.

Thank you so much - you have been a great help in what seems to be a confusing process! I would recommend your site to others.

Thank you for your reply, I really appreciate you answering my querries. Thank you once again and i think it is nice how you all provide a portal for people like us to get our answers about dog travel.

Thanks so much for your mail,you helped me great! I think it s wonderfull what you do at pettravel and will recomend you to all my friends!

I am happy to say that I have always gotten wonderful service from Pet Travel. I really appreciate your personal and prompt responses to my questions and the products that I have ordered are exactly what I wanted.

Thanks so much!

Thank you so much Jerry, you are a champion. I think all the USA government sites have been shut down to general public access following the latest assasination, as I could not access anything.

Thank you for all your help, and for the pet passports. As a Veterinarian I will recommend you to anyone traveling with animals in future.

Thank you very much for this information and a great webpages you provide!

Thank you for this information. My biggest fear is that I will get my kitty to the airport in Jakarta and they will deny his entrance. I have no idea what I would do if that happened so I want to be as prepared as possible. Your help in this process is easing my worries.

I would just to thank you and the Pettravel store for the prompt response and attention.

It is much appreciated.

I was really worried that my package will not arrive in time due to the earthquake, tsunami and all the disruptions in Japan.

My package was delivered this morning at 10 am Japan time. All the things I ordered and was beyond my expectations. I am so happy with it.

3 x cheers for you guys. Great service.


Thank you so much. Since we are living part of the year out of the states from now on we will be using your service frequently. So glad you are there. Please feel free to use my name as a very satisfied customer.

Surfing your site late at night while driving cross country (I am passenger so don't worry) looking for a place we can stay with our dog. Your site is great, well done and very helpful. Keeps people from driving later than they should when they are tired. Thank you.
Y, G, K, A and of course Kairu the amazing Portuguese water dog!

Thank you so much! i was online looking all afternoon yesterday and found some numbers to call and they were either not in service or only spoke vietnamese. thank you thank you thank you!

I really appreciate your help. This will be the first time I have ever had to take my pets abroad and its a little bit nerve wracking. I'm not so much worried about moving myself.. but my pets.... yikes!

I just received notice of the refunds you sent. I can't believe it. Thank you soo much. Hard to find people like you any more!

I knew I would have to check the cat in as cargo, I was just wondering if there was something else I needed when we both got onto the flight. You explained that very well.

Again, I really do appreciate your help. This is such a relief to be able to ask someone who knows the procedures.

Brussels Airlines confirmed this morning that they will interline my dog for the 12 May booking. I also ordered the EU health certificate from your website, and will have it signed by the local vet. Just to be on the safe side. Thanks for all your help and advice. It has been very helpful.

Wow, I continue to be impressed by Pet Travel. Thank you very much for checking up on me. Yes I did cancel and they were very generous, refunding the entire amount, despite the fact that it took me an extra day to track down the right people to properly cancel with.

I travel a great deal for dog shows and I use exclusively (we are on the road nearly 3 weeks of the month). It is rare that I need to cancel, but great to know that when I do, Pet Travel takes such good care of me.
Gargoyle Kennels

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your quick reply. You are the only persons who have answered our questions! We are now looking forward to going on our trip. Again, many thanks.
Karen, Michael & Tyson the cat

Thank you for your quick response. We love your site and direct all our traveling clients to you for great information. We appreciate the service you provide.
Carrie M.

I would sing your praises to anyone! You provide an invaluable service to anyone trying to take their precious pets with them wherever they are relocated. It s a difficult position to be in, where the process is complicated and confusing. You provided us with the very important necessary forms specific to our country as well as invaluable suggestions. I don t think we would have been successful without your help!

Thanks so much for the fast reply and extremely useful information. I'm very happy to have found this website.

Thank you so much for your help. We have been able to get our dog into all of the Caribbean countries, Panama, Columbia, England and all of the EU with the help of Pet Travel. Thank you so much for your help in traveling with our small dog on our sailboat around the world.
Jim & Michelle

Thank you very much for this information Jerry. I would appreciate the necessary forms and all other information or assistance you can provide to help me. My time is limited before transfer and it appears this process may be laborious, as well as potentially costly. The cats were stray kittens and they were adopted one by one. Kuwait is a rather cruel place for cats, as well as animals in general. Simply could not let these little ones perish.

Thank you for your prompt response to my order. I will definitely recommend your site to others.

Thank you very much Jerry. In the 5 minutes I have been reading your "Germany New" doc, we have learned more than calling about 5 people in the last 2 months.

I have been using your website now for over an year and the kind of information I get is simply amazing! My JRT has traveled to India, Netherlands, Ireland and now Canada without any hitch because we just check your website, follow immigration instructions - which are always current - verbatim! Even my vet has started using your website! Now we are driving cross country from the East Coast in the US to the West Coast in Canada and all the hotels en route we found courtesy of your website. Just wanted to say a thank you for all the work and effort you put in to make the website and then to keep it constantly updated. Happy Holidays,
Ruskin - the Jack Russell Terrier and Mitali - his pet human ;-D

Many thanks, Jerry. Your help was greatly appreciated and Pet Travel Store was a wonderful source of information and products for us.

Thank you so much for responding so quickly. I am have been extremely happy with your website and products. Also all of the information that it pertains. You really make this process so much easier.

I just have to send you a note. We are evacuees from Hurricane Ike in Houston. We can't leave without our wonderful dog, Jake. I was able to use your website to find a hotel in Austin that not only has room for us, but that welcomes Jake! I wouldn't have found this without and I am SO GRATEFUL!! Thank you so much!

Yesterday I went to the USDA office and while there I had a question for them. If a client has a 12 year old dog going to Moscow and it's rabies was currant for 3 years prior and documentation to prove it, but had not received a shot in the last year and they are leaving in 2 weeks, is it a possibility? The lady looked on her computer and said there is no information on dogs to Russia. Then she looked on another sight where she said she got most of her information and if I wanted I could look on it too. It was She just couldn't say enough good things about you, how accurate the information is etc.

Thought you might like to know that.
Have a splendid day,

ThankYouThankYouThankYOU! I have wasted over a week attempting to find a pet friendly place to vacation. I spent a few minutes on your sight and I just made my reservation at Quail Ridge in Sedona, AZ. I made sure they knew I found them through your web site. Thank you for having such a terrific web site. It is sooo easy to use! Excellent in every way. I am sending it to all my friends. Have a great day!

I wanted to take the time to thank you again for providing the ONLY all inclusive pet website to assist you in taking your dog overseas. I am extremely anal and need to plan out every aspect of my trip. When my boyfriend got signed to play ice hockey in Germany, there was no way my Yorkie, Tony, was not coming. I searched for weeks on every website known to man, but each one told a slightly different tale. Then, I found I quickly bought all of the German translated paperwork and international air travel paperwork. I also bought the calming pills. The papers worked amazing! I was TOO prepared- but it was worth it. My vet was even amazed at how good your site was. I already recommended you to my friend whose boyfriend plays hockey in Denmark, again you were able to help her. Thank you so much for lowering my blood pressure and providing such a useful service! Also everyone on the phone I spoke to at your company was polite and informed! That is how you run a good company!!!!!! Bravo and thank you from the bottom on my heart!!!!!!

Faraway Inn, Cedar Key, Florida: Yes we are accepting of large dogs. We do not discriminate against size or breed. All we ask is that the pets are well manered and not destructive and that their owners pick up after them and keep them in control at all times. Our town of Cedar Key is a very pet friendly community. We have pockets of beach in Cedar Key and most of them are pet friendly as well. Our Faraway Inn has a lovely strip of beach where pets can frolic and swim. We have a twelve unit motel/cottages and we have had up to 14 dogs here at one time. We leave milk bones and a doggy towel for those swimming pets. database that we love big dogs and small dogs are allow cats and other companion animals also.
Oliver and Doreen

Just wanted to say thanks for having such a great website. I didn't know where to start with this whole thing and the website is a great roadmap.

Thank you. You've just made my day. Will keep your web site in my favourites from now on and will promote it. Great information.
Thank you,

Thank you so much for the speedy reply. This is the first time I'm transporting my dog across country so you can imagine I'm a little stressed but my girlfriend turned me on to your site which is fantastic! I've already recommended it to two people.
Thanks again,

Thank you, again. This is the most comprehensive site, well researched and fully packed with vital information for traveling with our "companions". This is definitely a five-star rating site.

You guys are the best. Keep up the good work and if there is anything I can do to add to your site, believe me I will make a sincere effort to do so!

I just wanted to let you know how great your site is. My mother (a widow) and her dog like to pack the car, and take off for who knows where on a moments notice. Today (true to form)she phoned from the middle of Texas needing a room. It is a great comfort to me knowing she can call while on the road, and I can locate her a pet friendly hotel (from Denver) in minutes. I have a very close circle of "pet loving" friends, and we all highly recommend your site. Thank You for giving us this wonderful service. Not only does it give me a sense of security, it forces my mother to check in with me on a regular basis. Now I know what she went through with me in my teens! Hmmm, I'll get her raised some day...............

Alexis enjoyed (well kinda it was kind of bumpy but she was on good travelsickness drugs) the trip to Germany and flew right by customs to get into the country due to your superb instructions on the paperwork.

If I had listened to my vets office in Georgia and not done the USDA thing she probably would have gone straight to quarantine.

The customs lady called the airport vet and we were out in 5 minutes flat.

Oh, and thanks so much for a good service by sending document via email, because of the vet in Macedonia has quite less experience so I was afraid that he might miss any required document in order to enter my cat into Netherlands and he really did, it's good that I can purchase the document from your website, otherwise, I would probably have problem at the custom office in Amsterdam.

Thanks! Great service....we are taking our little Jack Russell home to Albania. We will lay over in Germany for few days too!
All the best!

Hi there...I want to thank you so much for your assistance with bringing our little friend Sydney from Texas to Norway with us in September. With your guidance through your website and emails, we did not have any problems in this adventure and quite honestly, we would have been lost or spent quite a lot of money as many others did (upwards to over $1000.00 bringing their pets) and with your advice it only cost us the price of the forms we ordered through you and the few vet bills.

I wanted to share a few photos with you from our time here. We are weekend hikers and of course we had to do as the Norwegians do...hike. The scenery is incredible and the colors intense. Everywhere you venture to in Norway is worth hiking and it is the most dog friendly country we have ever seen...they go everywhere with their parents.

Recently we brought our little friend along on an excursion...attached you will find a photo of Sydney our little 10-lb Shih Tzu...dressed in her rain gear...she had such a fun time and it was her first hike ever and has plans for many more as well as cross country skiing and snowboarding too.

The mountain we were on was in Eiksetra, which is about 2 hours NW of Oslo and Garbu is our friends cabin there. Also there is a photo of me and my little friend on Kolsas mountain which is right behind our home in Rykkinn (Sydney is in her winter parka).

Again, we thank you for everything and we are great fans of your website and the products we have purchased were great too...the carrier, forms, books, carseat...the list continues. Keep up the great work!!!
Kindest regards,

I just wanted to drop a note and say THANK YOU for all of the wonderful information you have provided! My family is moving to Switzerland and I have to admit I was in a small panic as to what to expect about bringing our family cat with us! Thank you so very much for making everything so easy to naviagate, and for covering everything I could think of so thoroughly!! You folks have made my life so much easier!

Mandy Humphrey

Jerry you are AMAZING! Thank you for your expeditious assitance. That is incredibly comforting to hear that the requirements are not so tedious. I thank you and please know that I am saving your information as I am sure I will have questions for you. It is a rare find to have help from someone vastly knowledgable, quick And friendly.

I thank you kindly. I had thoughtthis would be the difficult part, and it has been the most pleasant thus far.
My Vinnie and I thank you!


Many thanks for your great website.
Yet again we are using it for info on travelling to Bolivia with our two Aussies and a cat. It was also a great help to us when we brought our Aussie pup over from California to Guatemala and leaving South Africa for Guatemala. We travel a lot on job contracts so find a universal website like yours with so much up to date info very informative especially as our furkids get dragged around with us so well done and keep it up.


To PetTravel - we appreciate your help. We went from LAX to Panama to Montevideo on Copa Airlines and we are enjoying ourselves with our pomeranian "Starbucks" who goes everywhere in one of his mesh bags with us. His good behavior & good looks have made him a little ambassador for the US! Que precioso & approving warm looks at the owners from everyone.

Some FYI as follows:

The bag I took to airport was soft sided bag. Check in representative decided the bag was ok & let us carry it on but we had to wait for approval because she said it should be a hard sided crate... which would not have fit under the seat. Some confusion between cargo & carry on.

Got to Montevideo at 4:30AM, and a checker wanted to keep one of the papers on file. I didn't bring an extra copy & he didn't have a copy machine. I convinced him to let me keep it & he pointed to a line on the paper that said "not for duplication". I said "you are right" and "I don't understand" and he was kind enough to let me keep it. This was just an extra certificate that had already expired in 30 days that I didn't really need but may be relevant because the latest active certificate didn't have a check in an important box. I'll bring extra copies next time.

I carried ice in a waterproof container that wasn't. Some papers got wet. I'll double ziplock bag it next time & now I have a mini water bottle for travel.

We come back April 12 & expect the return portion to go well.

Best regards, Stephanie

My thoughts about this site is "where have you been?" It is absolutely marvellous. I have been thinking about taking my dog with me when I travel, but have had trouble deciding where. Thank you very much and continue the great work.


Just wanted you to know we returned from another great vacation with our dogs thanks to This is the second great vacation. From the mountains to the ocean...your site is consistently informative. Found a great place in Islamorada this time where our dogs could run and enjoy a wonderful beach. Here's a photo of us "Ruffing It in Islamorada."

TSA Public Affairs

Just wanted to let you know that we used the first one on the list and we did tell them that we got the information from We have a beautiful house on the ocean and my sister's 17 year old Shihtzu is totally happy. Once again, thanks so much for all of your help. Your web site is truly a blessing. My sister really needed a vacation in that her dog almost died a week ago with fluid on the heart. She has never had children and this dog is her life. Your web site and help were a life saver to our family.

Thanks once again,

Just came back from a trip up to Ct/Mass. We stayed at the Homewood Suite by Hilton 65 Ella Grasso Turnpike Windsor Locks, CT 1-860-627-8463

The Hotel was wonderful and Pet Friendly. They charge $150 for a 7 day stay for the dog. We were able to leave him uncrated in the room (which was a suite). If someone needs to bring a pet and stay in the Hartford, CT or Springfield, Mass area, I would strongly suggest this wonderful Hotel. I searched all over for a place that would take my Black Lab for a week and this was the only place I found up North.


I came across your site while looking up some information and wanted to put in my two cents....

We have a ten pound Miniature Dachshund - the love of our lives.

My husband and I took our honeymoon in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and found it was a very pet friendly city! They do have leash and "poop scoop" laws - which we obeyed.

We stayed at the Ocean Point Hotel Resort and Spa. They provided us with a ceramic dish, pick-up baggies, and some treats for our dog. They have grassy areas all around where we walked her everyday, cleaning up afterward.

We took her with us everywhere. There was not one store that we went into that didn't welcome her. We even sat outside at one restaurant with her.

The customs officers were very pleasant to her. We had absolutely no problems.

I do have to add that we brought her health papers from the vet, her rabies vaccination tag (on her collar) and her hard-side kennel, as well as a soft-side, purse-like bag to carry her. Most of the time we let her walk on her leash though.

I highly recommend the Ocean Point Hotel if anyone ever stays in Victoria, B.C.

Thank you!
Kelly Foster

Hi, I wanted to let you know that all of the Loews hotels accept pets in Orlando, Florida. My husband and I went to Orlando for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We stayed at the Portofino Hotel and the Hard Rock and they accepted our american eskimo Dante with no problem. They even have doggie room service and supply bowls for food and water and treats. I am sure anyone traveling to Orlando, Florida with pets would really have a great time at these hotels. The hotels are beautiful, very clean, new, and they have great service for people as well as pets.

Thank you.

Bless you for this site. My family is PSCing from VA to CO and this was the perfect way to find a place that will take our furry friend.

A. Smith

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