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Pet Transport and Shipping - Why do you need a pet transporter?

Train Pet Travel

There are many things to consider when planning to transport any live animal by air either domestically or internationally, especially if you are not traveling with it or if your destination country requires that your pet arrive as air cargo.

  • What are the regulations of the destination country?
  • What equipment do I need for my pet?
  • What veterinary procedures must be done?
  • What is the best airline to transport my pet?
  • Who will be responsible for dropping off and picking up my pet from the cargo facility?

If you need assistance moving your pet on the ground, then you will need a transporter who is familiar with the techniques involved in handling animals and an appropriate vehicle that will keep your pet comfortable and hydrated during its journey. You will also need a good pet crate to keep your pet safe.

In either case, a pet transporter can alleviate a lot of pressure that pet owners can have when traveling. These professional pet transporters facilitate the process with their knowledge and expertise in flights, flight regulations, flight container requirements, pickup and delivery arrangements, quarantine, boarding, import and export arrangements, veterinary requirements and proper identification. And, as requirements, regulations, and restrictions change, a professional stays abreast of these changes and makes the necessary adjustments to your pet's travel arrangements.

You do not need to have a professional pet shipper in your city or even in your state or country. Through their international network, professional pet shippers can handle any and all arrangements to ensure personal care and handling of your family pet from the time it is picked up at your home until it is delivered to your new home - wherever it might be.

Most important of all, these transporters love animals and your pet' safety and welfare is their first priority.

Pet Travel Transport

Pet Travel Transport is an example of a company that can arrange transport services for your pet. By working with other licensed transporters, they can assist in the provision of animal shipping worldwide.

IPATA - International Pet and Transport Association

IPATA is a worldwide organization of licensed pet transporters of which Pet Travel Transport is a member. Their members have many years of experience in the transport of all types of animals who need to travel without their owners.

You can search for a transporter by country or airport at

Services Provided
  • Veterinary requirements
  • Document preparation
  • Government endorsement
  • Kenneling
  • Equipment provision
  • Pick-up
  • Drop off
  • Customs clearance
  • Door to door services
  • Courier services
  • Ground transport

If an upcoming move has you stressed out with everything involved, why not consider the services of a licensed pet transporter to take care of relocating your pet to its new home?

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