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Pet Friendly Timeshares

Pet friendly timeshare
As an alternative to a hotel, motel, or pet friendly bed and breakfast, you may want to consider another from of vacation rental - a timeshare.

Pet friendly timeshares are becoming increasingly popular. Many of the time-share resorts are now offering accommodations for our furry-friends. But not all animal-accommodating timeshares are the same so you need to do your research before booking.

It's important to consider your pet's lifestyle and personality. If you have an active dog, for example, you&ll want to ensure that the resort is convenient to several dog-friendly areas and activities like beaches, hikes, dog-parks or lakes. If you have a skittish cat, you'll want to ask that you be placed in a quiet section of the resort.

Ask about the resorts restrictions, as you will need to be aware of any weight limits or breed restrictions that the resort imposes. Some resorts also will limit the number of animals that you're allowed to bring with you. It's important to be aware of all of these things at a resort before you decide to consider any of the timeshares they may have for sale or on exchange.

If you already own a timeshare you can probably exchange for one at your vacation destination that will accept your pets.

If you are not yet a time-share owner, you should consider buying a resale, as you may be able to save thousands off of the resort price. It's important to be aware of any pet restriction before you decide to purchase any of the timeshares the resort may have for sale or on exchange.

There are a number of companies who can help you exchange your time share, two of the largest are Resort Condominiums International (RCI), and Interval International.

If you are ready to purchase a pet friendly timeshare or would like more information before you book a timeshare rental, the Internet is a great place to research pet-friendly timeshares in a variety of vacation destinations. And remember, resorts that accept pets are not any less luxurious, they simply provide this additional service to timeshare owners and renters.

You can save thousands of dollars by buying a resale timeshare as opposed to buying a new timeshare from the resort. As the purchaser of a resale timeshare, you will obtain the same rights and benefits.

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