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Pet Adventures - Fun With Your Pet

Most of us just take our best furry friend for a walk around the block, or perhaps through the park. Others go a little further, and take their pet to the beach for a swim or hiking through the woods. There are so many Pawsibilities.


If you ever wanted to take a vacation and do nothing but spend time with your dog, a dog camp is the place for you! dog camps allow you to spend time with dozens of other canine lovers, and try a variety of canine sports and activities. Some camps focus specifically on sports like agility and obedience and are designed for the more serious competitor, while others are geared to all types of dog owners and offer dozens of activities for you and your dog. Many of the camps have overnight accommodations.


You tell Rover to sit up and he rolls over. You say "down" and she jumps in your lap. Perhaps it is time to take your pet to an obedience course. Some are held for several Saturdays in a row while others are intensive 3-day affairs. Beware, as there is no licensing for pet trainers so you need to check out the one you select. Although it will take an effort, you will also have fun with your pet while learning.


How about teaching your pet to play fly ball, then you can enter your pet into competitions, which are held all over the country? Talk about pet fun! Think about the bragging rights around the water cooler when your pet wins his or her first trophy.


Therapy dogs visit hospitals and nursing home to cheer up sick patients. The benefit to the patient is well documented and it will make you feel good as well. Check with a hospital or nursing home for their dog therapy program. Therapy dogs also visit children's long-term care facility to "play" with residents. A great combination of wagging tails and happy smiles.


This is sort of the ultimate owner and pet adventure.
Experiencing a pet adventure such as a guided canoe trip on a lake or rivers is an unforgettable event. Sunsets, swimming and laughing are just a few of the everyday goings-on during a weekend (or longer!) canoe trip. Now add to this list watching your puppy dog learn to swim for the first time, exploring your island campsite off leash to his or her heart's content, and running and playing with new canine and human friends before finally curling up beside you in front of a blazing campfire. This is what a Dog Paddling Adventures is all about?


If you think your pet loves to put his head out of the window of your car can you imagine how happy they will be in the bow of a small boat skimming over a lake or river? Tie that in with a swim on a pet friendly beach and picnic and you have one happy pet. Before you go check out Pet Travel Store for a portable water bowl.

Get out there and enjoy life with your best furry friend and check Pet Travel  for lots of Pet Adventures, pet friendly places and activities.

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