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Pet Harness - Buckle Up Your Pet For Safety

pet auto harness

We have all heard of the program called "Click It or Ticket". Law enforcement agencies are cracking down on automobile drivers and passengers who do not wear seat belts.

The same is true for pets riding in your car. In several states, you can be fined for not having your pet in some type of restraint system while riding in the family car.

But that is only one of the reasons that you need a < pet harness or pet car seat for your pet's safety.

Reason #1

The primary reason is the safety of your pet in case of an accident or even a sudden stop. In an auto accident, a pet in a car traveling 30 mph will hit an object ten inches in front of them such as the windshield at 1,200 pounds per square inch. If you have ever slammed on your brakes and had your dog come flying forward, you understand how easily your pet can be injured or even killed.

Reason #2

Having your pet in a pet auto harness can prevent driver distraction. A pet that is moving about in the car is the 3rd worst in-car distraction according to a recent AAA study.

Reason #3

In an accident, a dog can be thrown with hundreds or even thousands of pounds of force into other occupants of the vehicle, easily causing life-threatening injuries. A good pet auto harness will help minimize this danger.

Reason #4

A pet harness makes it easier for rescue workers and EMT's to help in the event of an accident. A dog that has been in an accident is likely to be shocked, confused, injured, and protective. It does not understand what has happened and may attack people or rescue workers indiscriminately.

Reason #5

A pet harness can prevent runaways! Even well behaved dogs can have their moments of "distraction". Far from home or on vacation is the worst place to lose your dog. Dogs can also get injured or killed jumping from even a slow moving vehicle.

Reason #6

Convenience. A pet auto harness eliminates the worry of your pet escaping every time a window or door is opened! This also means you may be able to leave some windows open for ventilation.

It only takes a few minutes to insure your pet's safety by buckling them in a harness. Accidents do happen, and you owe it to your pet to protect them against possible injury. Your family will thank you, and so will your pet.

Find an easy to use pet auto harness or a pet car seat is designed with your pet's safety in mind.

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