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Why Do All Dogs & Cats Need a Microchip?
  • Peace of Mind - over 80% of all dogs and cats without microchips who are separated from their owners are never reunited with them.
  • Pet owners are found quickly - Animal Control scans your pet, obtains your contact information, and gives you a call.
  • Proof positive of ownership - if your dog or cat is lost or stolen, a quick scan can lead authorities to your contact information.
  • Protection for travel - the security of knowing when you travel that your pet can be identified at all times.
  • Many countries require microchips. List of countries - 15 digit microchips are the world standard.
  • Required for pet passport forms - passport forms for countries that require microchips must have the number on each form.
Pet Microchip Facts
  • Each pet microchip has its own unique identifying number so your pet is easily identifiable.
  • Inserting a microchip is a very low risk procedure - the microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and is inserted by your veterinarian.
  • If you plan on traveling internationally with your pet, you will need to purchase and have your veterinarian insert the Datamars Microfindr™ Slim 15 digit ISO pet microchip which includes a FREE registration at (details here) Veterinarians in the United States oftentimes insert the 9 or 10 digit microchip.
  • Pet microchips are good for the life of your pet. They do not transmit information unless they are scanned.
  • Microchip Registration is easy, flexible, and FREE! Do not forget to register your pet and keep your information current.

Purchase a 15 digit ISO compliant microchip

Why is a Pet Microchip Scanner Important?
  • Together, the microchip and scanner form an ID card for your pet.
  • To provide proof of your pet's identity - whether for an enforcement officer, at a competition or event or anytime you need to positively identify your pet.
  • For international travel with pets that have a 9 or 10 digit microchip instead of the 15 digit microchip - a scanner is required to identify your dog or cat upon entry to the country
  • To ensure that the correct identifying numbers appear on all veterinary and vaccination certificates.
  • To verify the proper insertion and location of the cat or dog microchip.

Rent or purchase a microchip scanner

Going to Europe with your dog or cat?

All European countries require the 15 digit microchip which conforms to ISO 11784/11785 and operates at 134.2 kHz. If a pet has a 9 or 10 digit microchip inserted, another microchip can be inserted or the owner can carry their own microchip scanner.

Remember, your dog or cat is lost in a foreign country without a 15 digit ISO microchip, the authorities will not have the scanner that will read a microchip that operates at any other frequency.

Pet Registration is Necessary!

The pet microchip only contains a number. If your pet is lost it will be impossible for the agency who finds your pet to contact you unless you have registered the pet and the microchip number. You can register pet microchips with the manufacturer or an independent company such as

Our microchip comes prepackaged in a sterile syringe ready for your veterinarian to insert. Find out more...

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