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Military Pet Travel

Traveling with your pet while on active orders

military pet travel

UPDATE: As of January 1, 2024, military members on active orders are subject to reimbursement for the transport of their pet. One cat or one dog with transport expenses of up to $500 (domestically) and $2000 (internationally) can be eligible for reimbursement by the Department of Defense. The reimbursement was authorized in the fiscal 2023 National Defense Authorization Act. Until now, subsidies have been provided by Army Emergency Relief and Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society as well as the Air Force Aid Society.

Covered expenses are microchipping, boarding fees, hotel service charges, licensing fees at the new permanent duty station, pet shipping fees, quarantine fees and fees for testing titer level (international travel) if the service member flies rather than drives or their pet is shipped separately. All receipts should be retained.

Pets may accompany their owners when they are in PCS (permanent change of station) status on the Patriot Express. There is a limit of 2 pets per family.

They're not luxurious, and the animal must be in a crate. However, your pet is in same cabin in which you are flying.

Flights are limited, and they don't make changes in their routes to accommodate passengers, but if you are heading to a military installation abroad, this may work for you!

For more information, email or contact the 375th Airlift Wing Public Affairs Department to determine from which Air force bases the flights originate and how to book space on one.

Below is a list of requirements for shipping pets via AMC:

(a) PCS passengers only.
(b) Dog or cat only.
(c) Each pet weight limit is 150 pounds (including kennel, which must be hard-sided; cannot be collapsible). Weight limit cannot be waived.
(d) Pets must be accompanied by their owner.
(e) Limited to two pets per family (use Grandfathered Pet Policy and Space Available Pet Program to move additional pets)
(f) Pet shipment is at traveler's expense.
(g) Reservations booked on a first come, first served basis.
(h) Recommend a 20-day travel performance period be provided when submitting reservation request to accommodate passengers and pet on same aircraft.

A Space Available pet program has recently been implemented, and your transportation office (TO) should have all the information to help you with the movement of your additional pet(s). Fifteen days prior to your port call, you will need to contact your TO, and your TO will contact the Passenger Reservations Center (PRC) for any openings. If openings are available they will be able to make the booking for your additional pet(s). Be advised...if there is a space for your additional pet(s), you will still be required to pay the regular rate for pet movement. Also, when returning from overseas, your additional pet(s) will only be allowed to fly on AMC aircraft via the Space Available Pet Program.

Additional Information:
1. Grandfathered Pet Policy: AMC will ship more than two pets to the continental U.S. (CONUS) only, as long as the sponsor has documented proof that AMC moved these pets overseas prior to 1 Sep 2001 (the date the two-pet-limit-per-family was implemented).

2. Space Available Pet Program: 15 days prior to AMC flight departure, pet spaces open in GATES are available to travelers that already have two pet spaces booked. After the additional space(s) is booked, the TO will print out a confirmation for the traveler from the GATES pet/reservation screen. The traveler must retain this confirmation and present it upon request, as the authority to move more than two pets per family. Note: Pets moved under this program are not eligible to move under the Grandfathered Pet Policy, and will only be moved back to CONUS under the Space Available Pet Program.

3. The commercial airline industry currently imposes a 100 lbs pet weight restriction and curtails pet shipments during seasonal hot/cold conditions. These industry restrictions should be considered when making pet travel plans.

Delta transport pets of military on active duty as checked baggage. Owners can check their pets in at the ticket counter and their pets will be subject to checked baggage fees.

Notice must be provided by Military Personnel within 48 hours of flight departure. Delta will transport cats (except banned breeds) and dogs (except banned breeds) on domestic or international flights under 12 hours in duration. Household birds, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs and marmots will be flown only on domestic flights. For more information click here.