Questions about traveling with a pet?

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Pet Friendly Hotel Advertising with Pet Travel has been on the Internet since 1998 offering thousands of pet friendly accommodations to traveling pet owners. Our advertising program can bring additional guests to your hotel and interest for your business at an extremely reasonable cost.

Here's how our program works.

For pennies a day, hotels, motels, inns, bed and breakfasts, guest ranches, and vacation rentals can reach thousands of traveling owners looking for a place to stay with their pet. Your ad appears on the custom destination page for the city in which you are located in. If your business is located in a small town, then it will be displayed on a custom destination page for a nearby larger city as well. This guarantees you the most exposure you can have for your pet friendly business.

What do your advertisements offer to our pet friendly business?

All of our ads offer the following value to you:

  • Listing at the top of our search results for pet friendly businesses in the city or nearby city in which you are located.
  • Click through directly to the website page of your choosing.
  • No Booking Fee.s
  • Custom Banner Advertisement on your destination page(s) created for you free of charge.
  • Picture slideshow including up to 5 images of your accommodation or business.
What types of advertisements do we offer?

There are 3 great choices for banner ads on our city pages: Platinum (468x60), Silver (140x180) and Bronze (140x100). Platinum ads are located at the top of the page next to the logo and the Silver and Bronze ads are in the right margin.

What will my ad look like on my city destination page?

You can Click here to see where your ad will be on your city destination page.

May I see some sample ads that you have created for pet friendly businesses?

You can get a better idea of the size of ads we offer and their prices here.

Can my accommodation be featured on your homepage?

Yes! We feature our pet friendly hotel advertisers on our homepages and, as an advertiser, we will feature your accommodation on our homepage on a rotating basis.

Some comments from our advertisers.

I am very satisfied with the work you and your company has done for me. Especially the advice you gave me of using my logo to keep with the importance of branding in the ad. Thank you very much and thank for the ease in which I was able to contact you and you me. Thanks.
Clif, Vineyard Vacation Homes

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Feel free to email us at or call us at 877-241-0184. We would be happy to discuss advertising options that would conform to your specific advertising needs.