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Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals

Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals

When planning a vacation for yourself of your family, what is brought to mind is usually a hotel or perhaps a resort. However, if taking a pet along, then consider a pet friendly vacation rental.

Vacation rentals generally come equipped like a home with one or more bedrooms, sheets, towels, an equipped kitchen and some degree of privacy. Depending on the length of your stay, your vacation rental may include maid services.

There are basically three types of pet friendly vacation rentals:

1 Places where a group of cottages or cabins are grouped around some recreational facility, generally either a lake or a river. You will find lots to do with your pet at these places including hiking, boating, tubing, swimming, tennis and horse back riding.

2. Mountain cabins generally offer more isolation, but still allow for a perfect family vacation with a pet, as there will be recreational activities nearby including hiking and fishing.

3. Private homes are available that vary from a small home, either in a city or in the countryside, to palatial beach front homes that may include servants, private pools and chefs and more.

Pet friendly vacation rentals listed in the Pet Travel database all have one thing in common; they all will welcome people traveling with a pet. Prior notification of a pet when booking is necessary as some places change their pet policy without notice. Many pet friendly vacation rentals will require a cleaning fee of $25.00 to $100.00. Most will require a deposit against any damage your pet may do. If your pet is well behaved, you should get your deposit returned.

A pet friendly vacation rental also provides a nice environment for a pet to enjoy a vacation along with you. There should be places to run and play, maybe even without a leash, and lots of places in which they can accompany you rather than being left by themselves. Observance of local pet ordinances is a must, especially when going to the beach or into a public park. Be a considerate renter. If your pet is allowed on the furniture at home, bring plenty of sheets and cover the couch so clean up is easier. Make sure your orient your pet to the new environment. Show your pet where their food and water will be located. Walk around the house and property with them so they will orient themselves.

In the summertime, most airlines have a heat embargo on flying pets in the cargo hold due to the extreme heat in some locations. So, unless your pet is going in the cabin with you, it is probably a vacation by car. If you are considering traveling by air, check airport pet policies for all major airlines. More information on traveling with a pet in an airplane is available in our pet travel articles section.

In the colder, winter months, many airlines will require an airline acclimation certificate documenting that a pet is not sensitive to colder weather.

We have many pet friendly vacation rentals in fun places like Hilton Head and also all over Europe. To find your pet friendly vacation rental, go to our pet friendly hotel search and search for the city you think you might like to visit. You will find hundreds of vacation rentals just waiting for you, your family and your pet.

A visit to the PET PASSPORT section provides valuable information on traveling with a pet internationally. Before leaving, make sure a pet has safety equipment and other items to make the trip carefree. Check for carriers, crates, microchips, travel accessories, and more.

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