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To the best of our ability, we ensure that recommendations given on reflect the current regulations. We cannot predict how a given country may enforce these regulations. Noncompliance may result in the need to make arrangements to put the pet into quarantine, return the pet to the country of origin, or destroy the pet. We suggest that you minimize the disruptions that may occur by following the rules of the country you are visiting.

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Pet Passport Panama

Dog Passport Panama

Regulations for taking a pet dog or cat to Panama

Panama does not quarantine dogs or cats  healthy pets entering the country if the following requirements are met:

This completes a pet passport for your dog or cat to enter Panama.

Dog Passport Panama

Whenever you travel to a foreign country like Panama, it is always advisable to carry some form of identification indicating ownership of the pet.

Failure to comply with these regulations will mean that your pet will be refused entry or returned to the country of origin or placed in quarantine, all at the expense of the person responsible for your pet.

Inspection: All domestic dogs and cats must be free of evidence of disease communicable to humans when examined at the port of entry to Panama. If your dog or cat is not in apparent good health, further examination by a licensed veterinarian may be required at your expense.

Other Animals: Birds, invertebrates, tropical fish, reptiles, amphibia, mammals such as rodents and rabbits are not subject to requirements of rabies vaccination, but may have to meet other requirements and should have a health certificate to enter Panama. Pet owners are strongly advised to seek further information from the relevant authority of their country and/or that of the country of destination.

If your pet is not a dog, cat or ferret, and especially if it is a turtle or parrot, you should verify that it is not protected under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITIES).  You will need to apply for additional permits if this is the case. Search their database. Over 180 countries participate and enforce CITIES regulations. Read more about CITIES.

Veterinary Certificate: All countries have unique veterinary certificates. This form may differ from the veterinary certificate issued by veterinarians in the United States. (APHIS 7001) It is an essential part of the cat or dog passport.

Pet Microchip: Although Panama does not require a pet microchip, we strongly recommend that you microchip your cat or dog prior to traveling. 

Need a pet friendly hotel in Panama?

The information published here is a guideline for pet owners importing their pet to Panama. Further detail on import permits (if applicable), costs, tests and procedures are available at minimal cost at if you need them. We also stock all the equipment and accessories you will need for traveling with your pet. Same day shipping until 4:00 PM EST.

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What if the pet is in transit?
Posted on 2013-06-01 21:28:58.0
In most cases, as long as a pet is either held by the airline or remains in the secure area and does not clear customs, it has not legally entered the country, therefore does not have to meet any requirements of that country. There are several airports that require transit papers and one that will require that pets clear customs.
Posted on 2013-08-02 18:55:07.0
Does anyone know the laws if you are traveling to Panama from Hawaii? Everything keeps saying the rabies certificate is the most important but being from Hawaii we have no I'm hoping he will not need some of this "home quarantine"...please help I'm going down there soon and need to figure this out.
Posted on 2013-08-30 07:49:23.0
you're moving to panama
Posted on 2013-08-30 21:48:12.0
We have 2 macaws purchased and breed in the united states each are 18 years old and have had CITE's permits for Us round trip in out of Canada
Posted on 2013-10-17 19:15:03.0
Is there rabies in Panama? We don't have rabies here on Vancouver Island.
Posted on 2014-01-03 06:35:58.0
Panama is considered to be a high rabies country. Although Canada will not require a titer test for entering from a hi rabies country, you may want to check with local officials as to whether it will be required prior to leaving.
Posted on 2014-01-04 21:29:54.0
how do I get an application for home quarantine>
Posted on 2014-08-28 16:26:45.0
Hello Anne - the application for the permit must be applied for in Panama by the owner of the pet or a legal representative of the owner. You can file for it upon arrival but it will delay your departure from the airport.
Posted on 2014-08-31 18:52:37.0
Do you know of any carrier that flies dogs from Miami, Fl to Panama? thanks !
Posted on 2014-09-11 17:48:15.0
Hi Gonzalo - Copa and American fly between MIA and PTY non-stop. You may need an agent to book the transport. If you do, let us know. We can help with the arrangements. (
Posted on 2014-09-13 22:02:32.0
2 years ago,i travel from Europe with small dog to Panama.I have all papers.When i arive in Tocumen,i experience worst corruption.Firts o paid 4 x time more then 6 years ago for same dog.Also the keep my dog in small kennel 3 days,Two veterinary heck the papers.Women and man.The man was very unfriendly and arrogant.I also ask,what i need ,when i take the same dog,now with all legal papers from Panama vet ,to Europe.The answer was incredible.I need to have again export papers from country i visit for 10 days.Same bs and same money,for Panama base dog?
Posted on 2014-09-16 20:10:05.0
Jan - the rules for taking a pet from Europe to Panama are not the same as the rules for taking your pet from Panama to Europe. It is more difficult to go back to Europe. You say your pet is microchipped. That is the first step. Then your pet must have a rabies vaccination after the microchip is implanted. then, no sooner than 30 days, it must have a Blood Titer Test and the sample must be sent to an approved lab. You must wait 90 days after the blood was drawn to enter the EU. This is because Panama is considered a high-rabies country. You will need an Annex II form for the country you are traveling to completed within 10 days of travel. Some EU countries require a tapeworm test. You can find instructions and forms if you need them for every country in Europe here:
Posted on 2014-09-18 03:40:37.0
Does Tocumen have a rest area for dogs?
Posted on 2014-11-10 01:51:27.0
Maria - you can direct your inquiry to regarding rest areas for dogs. We would mention that if you are transiting Panama, you will need to clear customs and conform to Panama's regulations for importing pets in order to take your pet outside.
Posted on 2014-11-11 15:28:51.0
What about service dogs...same criteria
Posted on 2015-01-03 14:30:43.0
Kathy - service dogs are subject to the same criteria as regular dogs.
Posted on 2015-01-06 02:35:33.0
Katherine - sorry for the late response. A USDA accredited vet must complete the panama vet certificate for endorsement at the State USDA office. They can usually turn it around within 3 business days.
Posted on 2015-01-06 02:37:27.0
My dog has a liver disease and can not take rabbis shots. Would a letter from his vet suffice?
Posted on 2015-01-27 19:22:08.0
I am traveling to Costa Rica with my cat and have a layover in Panama; do I need to comply with all of Panama's requirements for pets traveling into their country?
Posted on 2015-01-28 03:25:25.0
Similar question re. layover. I am travelling from Uruguay to the US and have a two hour layover at Tecumen Airport. I have all docs. for US but do I need anything extra for that layover in Panam - and what would happen if the connecting flight gets cancelled or delayed for, e.g., 24 hours?
Posted on 2015-02-28 11:13:42.0
Natasha - if you are flying in and out of Panama on the same airline and if your cat is traveling in the cargo hold and if the layover is less than 2 hours, then the airlines will transit your pet and you do not need to enter Panama. If your cat is traveling with you in the cabin and you are on the same airline, then just stay in the terminal and do not clear customs.
Posted on 2015-03-03 02:07:29.0
Anamaria - if you are traveling in and out of Panama on the same airline, then docs are not necessary. As for flight delays, it would depend on which class of service you are using. If your pet is traveling as manifest cargo, the airline would hold them for the delay. If your pet is traveling as accompanied checked baggage, the airline is not responsible for holding them, but should work with you on holding your pet if the delay is caused by their equipment.
Posted on 2015-03-03 02:12:01.0
What time are the vets at the airport in PTY? We are trying to find a flight so that our dogs can get thru customs before they close, but every flight arrives around 2:30 pm from Detroit, we are concerned about the office closing before they can see our pets. Any advice?
Posted on 2015-03-06 01:41:19.0
Marcia - we understand that veterinarians are on duty from 09:00-15:00. There is an extra fee for inspections performed outside of these hours and you should notify officials at the airport of your arrival ahead of time so someone will be available to inspect your pets.
Posted on 2015-03-10 04:41:17.0
We are coming from Bermuda.....we can get a Bermuda certified vet certificate. We do not have a Panama embassy anywhere near us...can I get an apostille to certify instead?
Posted on 2015-04-01 00:02:46.0
Did anybody here recently had a layover in Panama? My flight departs from Washington, DC and goes to Brazil. I have one hour layover in Panama and want to make sure I will be ok without the paperwork Panama requires. Thanks!
Posted on 2015-04-01 01:26:21.0
I've been offered a job as a pastor in Panama ... in suburban Panama City. Silly as it may sound to some, a major consideration in my decision whether to accept the offer is the safety and care in transporting my three miniature schnauzers to Panama. If I accept the call, we will be in Panama for two years (at least). Suggestions? Horror stories? Advice? Muchisimas gracias.
Posted on 2015-04-27 22:23:45.0
We want to import a cat and kitten into Panama. They are coming to Jamaica - a rabies-free country. Please advise what is required (no rabies vaccine allowed on the island for obvious reasons) but other countries allow immediate import if the country of origin is rabies-free
Posted on 2015-05-04 20:40:53.0
Bruce - Panama is not a difficult country to enter with a pet. Your Schnauzers will need home quarantine and familiarity with Spanish is also helpful. You can find links to instructions and forms if you need them at a modest cost. (we have a full time employee working on pet import requirements for countries worldwide.) Finding an airline that does not require an agent to book the travel may be a challenge. United and American both do. You can try LAN. If you can afford someone to clear your pets, it sure would make things easier for you.
Posted on 2015-05-05 02:04:05.0
Maureen - with few exceptions, countries require that rabies-carrying animals are vaccinated at least 30 days prior to entry. You can bring your cat and kitty to the US as it does not require rabies vaccinations and get them vaccinated there, but there is a 30 day wait. We will try to confirm an exception for the kitten, but animals over 3 months of age must be vaccinated for rabies prior to entering Panama.
Posted on 2015-05-05 02:08:23.0
Susan - yours is a tough question to answer. You may want to contact the Embassy in the US or see if there is an honorary consulate on the island.
Posted on 2015-05-05 02:50:37.0
PetTravel Thanks! It's not so much the logistics and paper work that I fear. And I'm fluent in Spanish. My biggest concern is the health, safety, and welfare of my three Schnauzers. Given the (normal) high temps in the area, I am very concerned about the heat and climate they will suffer in both the airline cargo holds and holding areas ... especially since three separate flights are involved each way.
Posted on 2015-05-05 13:25:18.0
Janaina - as long as you fly in and out of Panama on the same airline, your pet will not need to conform to Panama requirements for import.
Posted on 2015-05-10 21:14:03.0
Posted on 2015-05-12 21:08:04.0
Posted on 2015-05-12 21:08:15.0

We are traveling through Central America and plan to continue on to South America. We would be "in transit" traveling through Panama only for a couple days. Do we still need to apply for the "application for home quarantine"??? We have current APHIS document from USDA and also have copies of all permits from the countries traveled so far through Central America and Mexico. We are currently in Nicaragua and planned to leave in the next day or two and wouldn't have the two weeks time frame needed to obtain the application form. Will we still be able to travel from the border to Panama City to continue on to South America?
Posted on 2015-07-20 21:09:58.0

William - you will need the home quarantine form with you, otherwise your pet will go to the quarantine center.
Posted on 2015-07-27 13:02:05.0

Form must be approved.
Posted on 2015-07-27 13:02:44.0

hi we are flying to costa rica, but changing plane /airline in panama. i have all the docs. my question is do we a quarrantine for our dog...the layover will be few hours, not getting out the airport.
Posted on 2015-07-29 11:04:17.0

I am planning to bring my cat from the US to Panama in September of 2015. I have arranged for the USDA inspection certificate in advance and she has been microchipped. My question revolves around flights and flight arrival times. It seems that most carriers do not allow in cabin pets and she will have to be shipped as cargo with one stop through Houston. Is there a specific time to arrive to the Panama/Tocumen airport when the Vet is there. I keep doing research but find varying times. Do you have information about the Vet in the airport or how I might contact them. Thank you.
Posted on 2015-07-29 21:23:03.0

We are planning to spend 6 months in Panama this winter and will be bringing our dog with us. He is due for a rabies vacine this fall so we will have it done before we travel. Is a Canadian vet certificate appropriate for his pet passport?or should we obtain one in the U.S. on our way down? Also not understanding home quarantine.....we will be driving to Florida so would we quarantine at home prior to the trip?
Posted on 2015-08-08 05:07:45.0

Anyone traveling with their pet to Panama should have their goddamned head examined. All of these things need to be done within 10 days of your travel; 1. Have your pet health certificate done by a USDA certified vet; 2. Have your certificate Fedex'd to a USDA center to have a USDA stamp applied then returned to you. 3. Send your certificates Fedex to a Panamanian consul to have them "authenticated" 4. Pray to our Lord, Jesus Christ that all you paperwork arrives in time to book your pet on your flight. Now on the other hand, all your pet need to return to the United States is a current rabies vaccination. This from a country that has a huge population of skinny, malnourished and diseased pets. Think Panama is a retiree's paradise? Well, if you own a pet, then think again.
Posted on 2015-08-25 03:14:46.0

The Panamanians could care less. See above.
Posted on 2015-08-25 03:15:22.0

I feel in love with the stray dog (the one in my picture) while vacationing in Playa Blanca. I'd love to take her back to California with me. If I could have a friend drop her in Panama City, would you be able to help me get everything in order and shipped? If so, how much? Or, am I just a hopeless animal rescuer that is wasting my time and emotions?
Posted on 2015-08-26 06:13:40.0

Can I fly with my cat from Puerto Rico to Panama with him in the cabin? Do you know which airlines will allow that?
Posted on 2015-09-21 22:09:47.0

Where do I obtain the forms required?
Posted on 2015-10-07 22:24:14.0

What is the suggested evidence of ownership form for asmall dog?
Posted on 2015-10-11 21:18:49.0

Is it possible to bring a dog into Panama and through the Panama Canal if the dog remains on the boat the entire voyage?
Posted on 2015-10-14 03:39:48.0

I am planning to move to Panama, I have 11 dogs, and 5 cats. To save money I was planning to drive from Florida with all of them, but it seems difficult and I dont want to get stuck somewhere on the way. Do you know if I could get all of them in the same flight ? (when I brought them from Pakistan, the came by cargo by groups of 6.....)
Posted on 2015-11-16 16:23:43.0

May I ask, which surprise from point 6? Thanks!
Posted on 2015-11-19 19:45:04.0

Get in touch with Golden Frog. They helped me.
Posted on 2015-11-21 22:09:30.0

I fly from Panama City to Orlando and back. I have my paper work in order. I had no problems. It cost me about $350-$400. Depending on the vet I use or if I use a service. I overnight and prepaid my paper work. It will cost you more if you use a service. (Golden I have a service dog. He is large and very well behaved. I travel with his service papers along with my medical. He travels in cabin. If you think Panama is bad, Don't even think of taking your pet to Cayman Island. If you do, plan on 6 months before you travel.
Posted on 2015-11-21 22:21:10.0

Copa Airline was wonderful with my dog. You still need to do the paper work
Posted on 2015-11-21 22:22:49.0

The vet is now there until 11:00 PM. I just came in last week with my dog. I would notify them first and let them know you are coming. Also make sure your USDA inspection certificate is apostle by the Panamanian consulate. Try Copa airlines.
Posted on 2015-11-21 22:31:27.0

You might want to get a Rabies Titer test and find out if they will take that instead.
Posted on 2015-11-21 22:39:27.0

call United Airlne. They will help you
Posted on 2015-11-21 22:42:14.0

We did not pay any extar fee for vet at the airport. We came in at 8:00 PM.,Nov. 15 2015. My lawyer told me they have changed this to 11:00 PM. She did let them know we were coming and had our quarantine paperwork done there for us.
Posted on 2015-11-21 22:49:01.0

You might want to train dog to use a puppy pad. And take them in the rest room in the handcap stall. But I didn't tell you this.
Posted on 2015-11-21 22:53:49.0