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We attempt to provide the latest information, however, sometimes a country or an airline will change the rules without telling us. Be sure to check with them before you leave.


Pet Passport & Quarantine for Your Dog, Cat or Other Animal

Traveling internationally with your pet? Planning in advance of traveling with a pet is key in avoiding problems when entering a country. Cat and dog passports are specific to each country worldwide, and pet owners need to be familiar with these rules before traveling to address pet quarantine in countries that require it.  Pet owners should create a pet passport for their dog or cat which is a collection of all identifying and required documents for entering a given country. Familiarity with pet import rules will help make traveling with your pet safer and more enjoyable.

Click the drop down arrow next to the GO button to find immigration information for countries worldwide. Have a question? Post it on our pet travel blog or send us an email and we will respond promptly.

I'm travelling from dublin to scotand with my shih tzu does he need a passport thanks.
Posted on 2013-08-17 19:58:32.0
I'm from saint Louis missourri , and i want to bring my two small dogs in the Philippines . What should they need for? To travel with me
Posted on 2013-08-31 02:14:24.0
Hello, I'm Brazilian. Currently residing in India. I adopted a dog. I will travel to Brazil and would like information about the procedures for my dog to travel with me.
Posted on 2013-09-06 07:34:01.0
Avian s allowed on Hawaii?
Posted on 2013-09-07 17:06:58.0
I would like to ask you a few questions regarding taking our dog with us when we move to UK next week. I have read all the information on your website and followed the rules accordingly. But when i checked the health documents, i have seen that the pet hospital has added the microchip after the rabies vaccination although we have asked them to do the opposite. You can see the details of the vaccination and microchipping below: 1st Rabies Vaccination: 19/01/2013 Microchip : 02/02/2013 As i have discussed it with our pet hospital, they said that it will not be an issue to take abroad like this. In any case, i have asked them to the vaccination again on 22/07/2013 for any issues that may occur at the custom. So i wonder if we can take our dog with us next week or do we need to wait until December. Thank you very much in advance.
Posted on 2013-09-24 13:19:49.0
First of all, these 2 dogs are NOT yours they are my brothers! So since I saw that you are trying to take them to the Phillipines DON'T you ever come to my house and think that I'm going to willingly give them to you! I will NEVER let you take them cuz they were never yours!!!!
Posted on 2013-10-06 08:45:55.0
Because you are entering Brazil from a high rabies country, you will need an Import Permit from the Ministry of Agriculture in Brazil. Your pet will need a veterinary certificate and proof of current rabies vaccination as well.
Posted on 2013-10-10 02:50:49.0
DEFRA recommends that you always carry a blue pet passport when you are traveling in the UK. It is also recommended that you microchip your pet, then vaccinate them for rabies.
Posted on 2013-10-10 02:51:46.0
It was very smart of you to re-vaccinate your pet as the UK is very strict on this issue. Since your pet had a current vaccination prior to microchipping, there is no waiting period.
Posted on 2013-10-10 02:53:38.0
You can find the import regulations here:
Posted on 2013-10-10 02:55:12.0
Here are the rules for bringing a bird into Hawaii: Most birds species, except certain poultry, require two (2) permits (Plant Quarantine Import Permit AND a Poultry and Bird Permit from the Livestock Disease Control Branch. Birds from foreign countries must also comply with U.S. Department of Agriculture regulations, which may be found at:
Posted on 2013-10-11 01:29:24.0
I am currently in China and I adopted a dog. What are the first steps that I need to take in order to travel with my dog, especially from the US and back ?
Posted on 2013-10-11 04:21:52.0
The United States is very pet friendly and will only require that your dog will be vaccinated at least 21 days prior to entering the country and will be traveling with a current health certificate. China is a bit more difficult to return. Keep your rabies vaccination current. You will need an endorsed veterinary certificate for China to return depending on how long you remain in the United States. There will be a 30 day quarantine period upon returning to China and arrangements must be made in advance.
Posted on 2013-10-12 03:25:25.0
My family and I may be travelling to Italy from the Philippines, and I was hoping to get some information for our pet to travel there with us. He has been microchipped, vaccinated, and he just passed his rabies titre test in August. We are waiting out the three months then we travel. What documents do I need for Italy? Ex. Import license etc. thank you for your time.
Posted on 2013-10-13 01:52:18.0
Christina Siguenza Limin My family and I may be travelling to Italy from the Philippines, and I was hoping to get some information for our pet to travel there with us. He has been microchipped, vaccinated, and he just passed his rabies titre test in August. We are waiting out the three months then we travel. What documents do I need for Italy? Ex. Import license etc. thank you for your time.
Posted on 2013-10-13 02:01:43.0
wow sister, I'm so happy for you and your family po! ... and your pet too :)
Posted on 2013-10-13 05:52:08.0
hello, I'm moving to Australia from India and would know how can i move there with my pet cat, who should i contact and all the proceeds. Please advise.
Posted on 2013-10-21 08:25:08.0
You will need to have a licensed veterinarian complete the Annex II form for Italy for endorsement by your country veterinarian. You will also need a health certificate issued shortly prior to travel. Be sure and carry your titer test results and proof of rabies vaccination. If you need more information and forms you can find it here:
Posted on 2013-10-25 03:07:43.0
Unfortunately, India is not a DAFF approved country. Your cat will have to reside in an approved country for at least 6 months prior to entering Australia. Because it is rabies free, it is very difficult to bring a pet to and requires mandatory quarantine.
Posted on 2013-10-25 03:10:47.0
Italy will require an endorsed Annex II form, results of titer test, proof of rabies vaccination and a health certificate for entry. Make sure that your pet was microchipped, then vaccinated and, 30 days later, the blood for the titer test was drawn. The process must be done in this order.
Posted on 2013-10-25 03:12:57.0
I am interested in travelling to Belize from the US with my service dog. What special documents do I need for travel? It appears from your website she will need some extra vaccinations. Does she need to be microchipped? How will my service dog (hearing dog) be treated in Belize? Is she going to be allowed to be with me at all times?
Posted on 2013-10-26 05:06:26.0
I'd like to purchase a puppy in France and ship it to Pacific Grove, California. What is the best approach or transport service to use?
Posted on 2013-11-01 10:32:45.0
Your best bet is to find a licensed pet transporter in France who can make the arrangements for you. Check and search for a pet transporter.
Posted on 2013-11-10 00:13:37.0
You can find all the requirements for taking your dog to Belize here: There is a link to all the forms and instructions on the page if you need them. Belize does not require your pet to be microchipped. As to how Belize respects ADA regulations, I believe you will find they are a friendly country and you should not have problems, but you may want to contact the Belize Embassy and ask them.
Posted on 2013-11-10 00:18:15.0
I am travelling with my budgies by car from UK to Germany via Belgium (incl by ferry). Do we need a passport? Thx
Posted on 2013-11-10 21:22:32.0
According to DEFRA, there are no regulations for birds traveling within the EU. I am unsure of the rules of your ferry, but there should not be an issue otherwise. If you want to be cautious, a recent health certificate would be good to have.
Posted on 2013-11-13 01:38:57.0
I wanna buy gsd pup from Europe to Cambodia. What can i do to bring pet to my country?
Posted on 2013-11-19 09:20:43.0
You will need an Import Permit, rabies vaccination and veterinary health certificate. You can find more information here:
Posted on 2013-11-20 04:49:53.0
i am planning a trip to the us and wondering if i will be allowed to take dog food from canada to the us. its a special diet i ge from the vet called med cal vegatarian
Posted on 2013-11-26 02:40:13.0
Hi Janet - dog food can be brought from Canada to the US providing it will be used for personal uses (non-commercial), is clearly marked as being made in Canada or the US, sealed in original packaging, and contains no lamb, sheep or goat products.
Posted on 2013-11-26 04:20:26.0
my boyfriend and I are planning to go back to the philippines,we bought a dog last july and we want to bring the dog along with us,what should i do and where should i go,i want to know what i need to do..thanks
Posted on 2013-11-26 17:58:41.0
You will need to apply for an Import Permit from the Bureau of Animal Industry to take your pet to the Philippines. Your pet needs to be vaccinated and a veterinary certificate must be completed and endorsed by the consulate. You can find details here:
Posted on 2013-11-29 17:43:49.0
i'm Vietnamese,i want to bring my dog from VN to USA when i traveling in the Fl, USA.I dont know what i should do first.Can you help me,pls ? If can,please contact me to email
Posted on 2013-12-06 21:28:37.0
Hi, i'm bringing a dog from Sri Lanka to Belgium. What are the reguierment for Belgium & does she need to stay in cargo. She's getting fully vaccinated (rabies, distempter, lepto, parvo & against bloody diarrhea), she'll also get a bloodtest to see if she has enough antibodies against rabies. She has the microchip, but i still need to go online to fill in the form. do you know which link i need to use? are there any other rules i need to take in consideration?
Posted on 2013-12-08 05:09:37.0
Being a member of the EU, Belgium has the same rules as other EU countries: your pup must be microchipped, then vaccinated for rabies (in that order) No sooner than 30 days after vaccination, your pup needs a Blood Titer Test. Assuming the results are acceptable, your pup can enter Belgium 90 days after the blood is drawn. Within 10 days of travel, your veterinarian will complete the Annex II form for Belgium. You can find all the details and links to forms and instructions here:
Posted on 2013-12-10 03:53:14.0
PetTravel thx for the reply. well, it seems i have to extent my stay then, cause i was misinformed. i first got her raies shot & after a month a microchip (it's quite hard to find here). the microchip is not registered yet, cause they told me i need the results of the bloodtest for that. which link is a trustable link to register the microchip? Gr
Posted on 2013-12-10 04:34:33.0
Ilse Ruyssers There are many websites that you can register the microchip. Google "register microchip" and pick one that is worldwide. I do not see the connection between the registration of the chip and the results of the blood titer test, however. The chip number should be reflected on all docs, but the registration is where you enter your contact information should your pet get lost.
Posted on 2013-12-16 02:34:18.0
In order to import pets to Nigeria, they need to be fully vaccinated for rabies, have an Import Permit, and a Blood Titer Test administered one month after vaccination and no sooner than 3 months prior to entry. You can find further details here:
Posted on 2013-12-16 02:37:24.0
The United States is very pet friendly. Your pup will need a current rabies vaccination given at least 21 days prior to entry and be accompanied with a recently issued health certificate.
Posted on 2013-12-16 02:40:05.0
Anlamiyorum. Ben Mrs.havaalanindan bilmiyorum. Eger daha fazla detay verebilir misiniz?
Posted on 2013-12-16 03:11:48.0
thank you very much
Posted on 2013-12-16 03:25:41.0
there some one send me a puppy from cameron and i would assure that the puppy in ur company please check it its name is zand seberian huskey send to mohammed mahmoud abd elsalam in 17/12 client # 330 so please tell me if he send this puppy
Posted on 2013-12-17 18:21:58.0
Hi I am moving to Somalia from the uk in the summer and I am thinking of bringing my cat with me, what are the rules as it's not on your list?
Posted on 2013-12-19 12:05:16.0
We do not currently have import regs for Solalia but will try to get information for you. I would suggest, regardless of the requirements, that you get a Blood Titer Test before leaving the UK because it is nearly impossible to get that done should you want to leave at some point. If you want to return to the EU, it will be required. Make sure that the titer test is done at least 30 days after the rabies vaccination is administered. It is good for the life of your pet (in most countries) as long as you do not allow the rabies vaccination to expire.
Posted on 2013-12-22 21:23:19.0
This is a scam. We have nothing to do with these people. Disregard their emails.
Posted on 2013-12-22 21:24:02.0
PetTravel ok thank u for reporting
Posted on 2013-12-22 21:48:08.0
Hello - if you follow the procedure for importing pets into the UK, there will be no quarantine for your puppy, but it will take preparation. First, your puppy must be microchipped with a 15 digit ISO compliant chip, then vaccinated for rabies (in that order but can be done during the same vet visit). No sooner than 30 days after vaccination, a Blood Titer Test is administered and the sample sent to an approved laboratory. Assuming that the results are within acceptable limits, your pup can enter the UK 90 days after the date the blood was drawn. Within 10 days of travel, your vet will complete the Annex II for the UK and a tapeworm treatment must be given between one and five days of entry. Your pup must enter the UK as manifest cargo if flying. If your pup is vaccinated for rabies at 3 months, the titer test can be done at 4 months and your pup can fly at 7 months. You can find details here: All the best and let me know if I can assist further.
Posted on 2013-12-24 03:57:23.0
Hii.. iam going to bring my dog from india to New Zealand he is a male n I don know his breed but I love him so much can know the requirements fir dz???
Posted on 2014-01-02 18:15:19.0
He is 3 years old and a black dog... I dont know his breed but he is just lyk my baby he is little aragant but sweet too..I really want bring him from india to new Zealand can I know rhe alk formalities? ??
Posted on 2014-01-02 18:34:00.0
New Zealand has very strict requirements as it is rabies free. Unfortunately, it does not permit pets to enter from India. Your pet will need to reside in a rabies free or low rabies country for at least 6 months prior to entering the country. You can find details here: We regret bringing you sad news...
Posted on 2014-01-04 22:01:48.0
We are trying to get a puppy from Serbia into Croatia, does the puppy have to have rabies done if it is under 6 months of age? At what age are we able to bring the puppy home?
Posted on 2014-01-06 13:10:24.0
I'll ask my Croatian coworker if he knows. He has friends and family in Croatia so I'm sure he can find out if he doesn't know.
Posted on 2014-01-06 13:15:25.0
When entering a foreign country through an approved entry port or airport, the requirements for importing service animals are the same as they are for other animals. New Caledonia has strict requirements for the import of animals. There are a limited number of countries from which any animal can enter. You can find the details here: Not knowing the procedure for disembarking, it is hard to respond. I would direct your question to the cruise line asking whether the dog has to be cleared by veterinary officials at the port. Your client's dog may have to remain on the ship when in port at worst case. Sorry we could not be of more help.
Posted on 2014-01-07 02:42:34.0
Will my dog be quarantined if I bring her to Hongkong/Macau FROM the Philippines?
Posted on 2014-01-08 13:25:45.0
Yes, your pup will be quarantined for 4 months when entering Hong Kong as the Philippines are considered a high rabies country.
Posted on 2014-01-09 02:14:42.0
How long must a dog be quarantined when travelling from Canada to Ireland?
Posted on 2014-01-12 13:27:28.0
There will be no quarantine if the procedures are followed. If you are flying directly to Dublin (without clearing your pet in London) you will need prior approval. Your pet must have been vaccinated for rabies after it was microchipped. If your pet's rabies vaccination was not current at the time of re-microchipping, then you will need to wait 21 days until entering Ireland. If your pet's rabies vaccination was current, the wait is not necessary. Within 10 days of travel, your veterinarian will fill out the Annex II form for Ireland for CFIA endorsement. Between one and five days of entry, your vet will do a tapeworm treatment. You can find more details and links to instructions and forms here:
Posted on 2014-01-13 01:35:29.0
Hi there. I tried to post earlier but it seemed that my message didn't go through - if it did then I'm sorry for the double post :) My mum and I are considering immigrating to Canada from South Africa in the next few years. What would be involved in taking my cat with!? Also is there a quarantine period and how would we get him there safely on the plane, without traumatizing him as it is a long flight!? This, of course is taking into consideration feeding him, making sure that he is kept hydrated and what if he needs to use the "litter box" during the flight???? Thanx for your help
Posted on 2014-01-14 08:28:38.0
Puppies between 8 and 12 weeks can travel on their mother's vaccination certificate. Puppies older than 12 weeks must be vaccinated for rabies and wait 30 days prior to entry to Tunisia.
Posted on 2014-01-15 03:52:19.0
Dz is extremely bad news for me.cant u do anythn I really want him to be wid me.he has nobody accept takecare of him..plz do something..plzzzzzz I vill do anything for dz meout fro dz...o
Posted on 2014-01-18 09:16:00.0
Hi Gail - it should not be a problem entering the Netherlands, but it may be a problem entering Switzerland as they do accept pets with cropped ears or tails. As for the microchip, it is not uncommon for pets to have 2 chips. It makes sense if you are going to live in the EU. It is not bad for your pet and will aid in identification.
Posted on 2014-01-20 15:37:00.0
Where are you trying to take your pet?
Posted on 2014-01-20 15:37:54.0
hi Charlie - it is easy to bring your cat into Canada as long as you are traveling with them and there is no quarantine required. It will need a rabies vaccination certificate. It is a long trip from SA and finding an airline that will accept your pet in the cabin may be difficult. If your kitty travels in the hold, then it will most likely sleep to the drone of the engines. Get your kitty accustomed to its crate. Also put a dirty t-shirt that you have worn in the crate so that your pet will have your scent to travel with. You can attach food to the top of the crate for layovers, but most likely your kitty wil not eat until it is at the new home.
Posted on 2014-01-20 15:52:00.0
I already told u about dat..I want to bring him New Zealand bt u said dt New Zealand hs vrysstrict rules etx...
Posted on 2014-01-20 16:28:26.0
Hoooo di ab jya hoga odii ka yar....
Posted on 2014-01-20 16:31:01.0
is it possible to move a dog from zambia to canada
Posted on 2014-01-27 15:43:47.0
Hi.. If I want to bring my dog from Indonesia to USA, what are the requirements for USA? Would you mind elaborate every thing that I need to have in order for me to take him with me along in the flight? I read most of them but I got overwhelmed and I don't know where to start. It would be very helpful if you could help me elaborate the requirements. Thank you in advance.
Posted on 2014-01-28 03:22:05.0
Cathy - to bring your pet to the US, you will need proof of rabies vaccination at least 30 days prior to entry and a health certificate issued by your vet shortly before travel. Find an airline with the most direct route to the US. You will need to contact them for requirements if your pet is traveling with you in the cargo hold as checked baggage. Do not change airlines as this will cause problems.
Posted on 2014-01-28 03:26:50.0
ARE you taking all THREE. LOL
Posted on 2014-01-28 19:07:15.0
Because the EU considers Serbia to be a high rabies country, your puppy will need to be microchipped, then vaccinated for rabies (at 3 months usually). No sooner than 30 days later, it will need a Blood Titer Test sent to an approved laboratory. Assuming the results are within limits, your puppy can enter Croatia 90 days after the date that the blood was drawn. An Annex II form for Croatia must be completed within 10 days of travel by a veterinarian.
Posted on 2014-01-30 03:20:43.0
Yes, Canada is a very pet friendly country. As long as you are traveling with your pet, it will need proof of an up to date rabies vaccination. If your dog is traveling unaccompanied, then it will need a health certificate issued shortly prior to travel by your veterinarian. Find an airline that serves the entire route. Don't change airlines along the way because you will have to conform to the layover country regulations.
Posted on 2014-01-30 03:23:53.0
Hi, I'm planning on traveling with my pet to Japan this September. What are the requirements to bring my pet into Japan, and do you know of any airlines that would allow me to travel with my pet in cabin and not as cargo? He is a chihuahua.
Posted on 2014-01-30 17:50:58.0
If your pet is traveling to Japan from the US, it will need a microchip, two rabies vaccinations, a Blood Titer Test and a veterinary certificate. You can find details here: Japan does not require that pets enter as cargo, but it may be difficult to find an airline out of the US that will permit it on such a long trip.
Posted on 2014-01-31 03:01:56.0
PetTravel My pet has a pet link microchip, do all microchips by pet link meet the ISO 11784 11785 standard that reads at 134.2 kHz?
Posted on 2014-01-31 03:32:21.0
Nancy Munoz Yes, Pet Link's microchip meet the ISO standard. The chip should have 15 numbers.
Posted on 2014-02-02 03:12:00.0
Hi I would like to bring my two short haired cats from Langkawi to the UK could you please advise me on the specific rules that will apply for this immigration
Posted on 2014-02-04 09:42:42.0
Irene - in order to avoid quarantine in the UK, you will need to prepare 4 months in advance of travel to bring your pet. First, your pet must be microchipped, then vaccinated for rabies *(in that order). No sooner than 30 days after vaccination, your vet will administer a blood titer test. Assuming acceptable results, your pet can enter the UK 90 days after the date the blood was drawn. You will need an Annex II form for the UK completed by your vet within 10 days of travel. You can find details and links to forms and instructions here:
Posted on 2014-02-12 04:32:02.0
Hello there; I'm planning on traveling with my two years old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Chanel. Reading your articles and recommendations I have few questions. She has all her vaccines up to day, rabies at this point was administered last year and I know it is not due until 2015. She is microchipped since puppy on 11/2011, and I understand it is the ISO the Belgian government asks for. My questions are: should I need to get new rabies vaccines for her? How long before the trip? What are my options if the veterinary cannot translate her documents in French, where I can go?
Posted on 2014-02-16 04:45:53.0
Georgina - if Chanel has a microchip, then just be sure she has been vaccinated for rabies after the chip was implanted. If Chanel has a chip which is not ISO, then you can take a scanner with you or have her rechipped. (many people do that) The EU does recognize the 3 year rabies vaccine, but, again, it needs to be administered after the chip is inserted. As your pet has current rabies vaccinations, you do not need to wait the 21 days before entering Belgium. You can find details on taking a pet to Belgium here and there is a link to instructions as well as the bi-lingual Annex II form that your vet will complete within 10 days of travel:
Posted on 2014-02-17 03:50:04.0
Thank you
Posted on 2014-02-17 04:08:26.0
We want to take our 4 dogs to the philipines, how long will they be in quarantine
Posted on 2014-02-22 21:22:26.0
Hi Donna - Your dogs will not have to be in quarantine if you follow the regs for taking a pet to the Philippines. Your dogs will need an Import Permit, proof of rabies vaccination, parasite treatment and a veterinary certificate endorsed by the Philippine Consulate in your country. You can find more details and links to instructions and forms here:
Posted on 2014-02-23 14:54:49.0
Thank you, very much appreciated.
Posted on 2014-02-23 18:24:36.0
hi,we want to bring our cat here in macau to philippines what do i need to do?
Posted on 2014-02-25 08:35:19.0
You will need an import permit, proof of rabies vaccination and an endorsed veterinary certificate. You can find requirements for taking a pet to the Philippines as well as links to instructions and forms here:
Posted on 2014-02-26 03:07:08.0
I live in Japan and have a small JRT. I would like to travel to the US with my dog and then return to Japan. Is this possible without too much trouble?
Posted on 2014-02-28 12:44:06.0
Sabrina - the US is a very pet friendly country requiring a rabies certificate showing rabies vaccination at least 30 days prior to entering the country. Your challenge will be returning to Japan from the US. It will require a notice to the Animal Quarantine Service, microchip, two rabies vaccinations and a blood titer test at least 6 months ahead of time to avoid quarantine. You can find details on taking a pet to Japan here:
Posted on 2014-02-28 16:47:47.0
Hi Sab & Klausy, For ease of travel & less stress on yourselves & Rusty, we think it would be more comfortable for all to have your friend in Japan to look after Rusty while you're on holiday.
Posted on 2014-02-28 19:41:59.0
How pay my pet
Posted on 2014-03-01 19:31:30.0
Lara - give me more information. If someone is telling you that we are transporting your pet, it may be a scam (fraud). Let me know details so I can help you.
Posted on 2014-03-02 02:21:59.0

Hello i am planning to move bahrain from india. I have rabbits i also want to take them to bahrain plz let me know how to do that? Are pets allowed in flight????
Posted on 2014-03-05 17:19:53.0
What are the import requirements for a 11 week old puppy going to San Pedro Sula, Columbia?
Posted on 2014-03-06 17:24:04.0
Hi Mary - there are no rabies vaccination requirements for puppies less than 4 months old. You should travel with a health certificate. If you need more details on taking your pet to Colombia, you can find them here:
Posted on 2014-03-07 13:32:06.0
Im going to take a chihuahua puppy from Mexico to Copenhagen via London. Im only transiting in London for two hours, does my puppy still need a blood test of rabies after a month? Or is it enough with all the needed vaccinations and micro chip? Also, do I need an EU passport for her or is it ok with the veterinarys documentations?
Posted on 2014-03-07 19:40:57.0
Har du skaffat Chihuahua?? :D
Posted on 2014-03-07 19:46:20.0