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Welcome to Pet Travel Articles. Here you can find pet passport information, pet friendly destinations that we like, as well as interesting information on traveling with a pet by car, by air, by sea, by train, and by public transportation. Need tips on being a good guest at a pet friendly hotel? Need information on traveling with a comfort animal, service dog or even an exotic pet? Click on the topic below. Need information on international pet travel? Find lots of information on quarantine rules, health certificates, immigration forms, microchipping your pet, dangerous dog breed restrictions; it is all here and we are adding more articles all the time Your pet's health is always important, especially when you are traveling. We have articles on avoiding car sickness, canine influenza, pet safety, and more. There are also articles on fun things to do with your pet: camping, traveling in an RV, and other adventures that you and your pet can share. Not finding what you are looking for? Try looking at our blog or join our forum. We would also welcome your comments or questions at


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