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To the best of our ability, we ensure that recommendations given on reflect the current regulations. We cannot predict how a given country may enforce these regulations. Noncompliance may result in the need to make arrangements to put the pet into quarantine, return the pet to the country of origin, or destroy the pet. We suggest that you minimize the disruptions that may occur by following the rules of the country you are visiting.

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Regulations for taking a pet dog or cat to Trinidad and Tobago from these countries:

 Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, Barbados, Belgium, Dominica, Great Britain, Ireland, Jamaica,  Luxembourg, Malta, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Singapore, St Kitts-Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent and Sweden.

  1. An Import Permit from the Ministry of Agriculture is required.
  2. ISO 11784/11785 compliant 15 digit pet microchip. If your pet's microchip is not ISO 11784/11785 compliant, you can bring your own microchip scanner.
  3. After microchip implantation, rabies vaccination at least 6 months but not more than one year prior to entry.
  4. Veterinarian Health Certificate for Trinidad and Tobago issued from a licensed vet within 7 days of entry stating that your pet is in good health and free from infectious diseases.
  5. Notification to the Veterinary Officer of the scheduled time of arrival at least 24 hours prior to landing.
  6. Ticks and tapeworm treatment within 10 days of entry.

Pet dogs or cats entering Trinidad and Tobago from these countries will require a Blood Titer Test in advance:

Austria, Bahamas, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Brunei, Canada, Cayman Islands, Chile, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Falkland Islands, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, Greenland, Hong Kong, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Kuwait, Macau, Peninsular Malaysia, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles and Aruba, Portugal, Reunion, Saba, Sarawak, Seychelles, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Untied Arab Emirates, United States of America, US Virgin Islands and Uruguay.

  1. An Import Permit from the Ministry of Agriculture must be applied for at least 3 months in advance.
  2. ISO 11784/11785 compliant 15 digit pet microchip. If your pet's microchip is not ISO 11784/11785 compliant, you can bring your own microchip scanner.
  3. After rabies implantation, rabies vaccination at least 6 months but not more than one year prior to entry.
  4.  A Blood Titer Test performed no sooner than one month after rabies vaccination and 5 months prior to entry processed in an approved laboratory. (Have your veterinarian scan your pet's microchip prior to the titer test.) 
  5. Veterinarian Health Certificate for Trinidad and Tobago issued from a licensed vet within 7 days of entry stating that your pet is in good health and free from infectious diseases.
  6. Notification to the Veterinary Officer of the scheduled time of arrival at least 24 hours prior to landing.
Dogs and cats entering from all other countries will need to conform to requirements as listed above and the import permit will need to be applied for at least 5 months in advance of travel..

For more detailed instructions and forms to create a pet passport to take your pet to Trinidad and Tobago, click on the button below.

Dog Passport Trinidad Tobago

Whenever you travel to a foreign country like Trinidad and Tobago, it is always advisable to carry some form of identification indicating ownership of your pet.

Failure to comply with these regulations will mean that your pet will be refused entry or returned to the country of origin or placed in quarantine, all at the expense of the person responsible for your pet.

Inspection: All domestic dogs and cats must be free of evidence of disease communicable to humans when examined at the port of entry to Trinidad and Tobago. If your dog or cat is not in apparent good health, further examination by a licensed veterinarian may be required at your expense.

Other Animals: Birds, invertebrates, tropical fish, reptiles, amphibia, mammals such as rodents and rabbits are not subject to requirements of rabies vaccination, but may have to meet other requirements and should have a health certificate to enter Trinidad and Tobago. Pet owners are strongly advised to seek further information from the relevant authority of their country and/or that of the country of destination.

If your pet is not a dog, cat or ferret, and especially if it is a turtle or parrot, you should verify that it is not protected under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).  You will need to apply for additional permits if this is the case. Search their database. Over 180 countries participate and enforce CITES regulations. Read more about CITES.

Veterinary Certificate: All countries have unique veterinary certificates. This form may differ from the veterinary certificate issued by veterinarians in the United States. (APHIS 7001) It is an essential part of the cat or dog passport. 

The information published here is a guideline for pet owners importing their pet to Trinidad and Tobago. Further detail on import permits (if applicable), costs, tests and procedures are available at minimal cost at if you need them. We also stock all the equipment and accessories you will need for traveling with your pet. Same day shipping until 4:00 PM EST.

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Would I be able to send a few canaries to a relative in Trinidad from Ontario.Canada ?
Posted on 2013-12-22 18:03:37.0
You should contact the Chief Veterinary Officer at with your question.
Posted on 2014-01-01 22:04:38.0
i wanna bring a maltase puppy from barbados to trinidad
Posted on 2014-04-18 17:27:31.0
HI Brent - you will need an application for import from the Ministry of Food Production to bring your puppy to Trinidad. There will be no quarantine or titer test and a vaccination for rabies is not required (but we would recommend it..) You can find details here:
Posted on 2014-04-21 02:57:34.0
can I apply to bring my cats from the UK? Can it be done online?
Posted on 2014-04-27 12:52:58.0
Omaida Penhaligon Omaida - the application process cannot be done online. It must be done in person or by phone.
Posted on 2014-04-29 03:49:06.0
i want to bring brids.can i do that to
Posted on 2014-05-19 19:05:00.0
Evelon - try emailing for regulations on importing pet birds to Trinidad and Tobago.
Posted on 2014-05-20 03:45:58.0
I want to bring two dobermans into Trinidad from out of the UK. Is there a minimum age limit? In other words, must the dogs pass a certain age before they can be allowed into Trinidad?
Posted on 2014-06-24 12:40:03.0
I want to transport my dog from Venezuela back to the United States but I am traveling through Trinidad and staying one night. What documents need to be completed/approved for my dog?
Posted on 2014-08-18 14:12:56.0
Jordan - you will not want to clear customs in Trinidad. The requirements are very strict and quarantine is required. Best to transit through the airport on the same airline.
Posted on 2014-08-20 04:14:44.0
Do you know if dogs from the United States to Trinidad will be quarantined? This would seem ridiculous.
Posted on 2014-11-21 20:00:04.0
It would seem ridiculous and pets from rabies-controlled countries would not be quarantined if regulations are met to enter Trinidad.
Posted on 2014-11-22 17:17:37.0
So you are saying from the US, that the 30 day quarantine could waved if all requirement are met? Do you still need a titer 5 months ahead of time?
Posted on 2014-11-22 17:57:34.0
Carrie - yes, quarantine would be waved for entering Trinidad from the US. The titer test is required.
Posted on 2014-11-28 16:25:19.0
Hello. I'd like to know what would be the requirements to bring a cat to Trinidad from Qatar. Thank you
Posted on 2014-11-29 11:29:39.0
The requirements for bringing a cat to Trinidad from Qatar are listed here: There will be 6 months of quarantine upon arrival.
Posted on 2014-12-01 03:13:15.0
Dear Sir/Madam, I'd like to know what would be the requirements to bring a pet Poodle mix male dog from St. Lucia to Trinidad and Tobago. Thank you. Sincerely Nicola Franco
Posted on 2014-12-05 19:05:42.0
Nicola - the requirements for bringing a dog from St Lucia to Trinidad and Tobago are listed here in steps 1-6: St Lucia is among the first list of countries. (microchip, rabies vaccination, import permit, veterinary certificate, ticks and tapeworm treatment) You can find links to instructions and forms if you need them.
Posted on 2014-12-07 03:49:35.0
PetTravel Thank you for you help, and links info. Very helpful. Cheers
Posted on 2014-12-07 04:06:27.0
PetTravel Thank you. How does these 6 months quarantine work? where do the pet stay during those months in Trinidad? And the quarantine has to be done even though every requirement of health has been met?
Posted on 2014-12-14 07:06:45.0
PetTravel And the health certificate for Trinidad I get it from a vet here in Qatar? I couldnt get it from a vet in Trinidad I imagine
Posted on 2014-12-14 07:10:55.0
Evy Parkinson Evy - your vet in Qatar should fill out the health certificate within one week of traveling.
Posted on 2014-12-16 04:14:27.0
Evy Parkinson Evy - you must apply for quarantine space at least 3 months in advance. The Dog and Cat Quarantine Station is located at Havelock Street, Curepe. Because Qatar is considered a high-rabies country by Trinidad, there is no opt out for the quarantine even if requirements are met.
Posted on 2014-12-16 04:23:39.0
PetTravel ok, thank you
Posted on 2014-12-16 09:14:56.0
Evy Parkinson That is correct, the vet in Qatar would issue it to you. We also include them as part of our pet passport kit for Trinidad and Tobago.
Posted on 2014-12-23 20:50:31.0
Hi I would like to kno the requirement to bring in a chihuahua from Venezuela
Posted on 2015-01-30 23:28:34.0
Hello - Trinidad and Tobago have strict regulations regarding the import of dogs and cats. You will need to start 6 months in advance to avoid quarantine. You can find each requirement bullet-pointed here and there links to instructions and forms if you need them:
Posted on 2015-02-03 04:09:44.0
is it true that if you dont have the proper documents they kill your pets?
Posted on 2015-04-17 12:23:10.0
Sinead - the first option is to return your pet to the originating country at your expense.
Posted on 2015-04-27 03:43:16.0
PetTravel ok thanks
Posted on 2015-04-27 03:45:08.0
So a dog with all proper documents , shots paper work won't with the last two weeks before travel coming from canada will still have to be quarantined?
Posted on 2015-04-28 14:02:03.0
Keosha - Yes, quarantine will be 30 days when entering from Canada.
Posted on 2015-05-05 02:24:28.0

HI there Pet Travel, I live in Trinidad and will be going home to Canada flying west jet which they allow pets on board but will be coming back to Trinidad after 5 weeks, so I want to take my yorkie from trinidad to canada with me and then back to trinidad. (my yorkie was born in tnt)I know I need the rabies shot and the microchip as well and then the tilter test done in canada for coming back. I just want to make sure I will have no issues when I arrive back with him in Trinidad and that he wont have to go into quarantine. thanks Renee
Posted on 2015-06-03 12:49:31.0

May I ask why quarantine would be waved for pets from the US but not Canada?
Posted on 2015-06-11 19:04:36.0

Renee - once your Yorkie leaves Trinidad, it matters not that it was born there; it must adhere to the import requirements. Returning from Canada, it must be microchipped and vaccinated for rabies at least 6 months but not more than one year prior to re-entering the country. After that, it needs a titer test. After all requirements listed here are met, there are 30 days of quarantine imposed: As you can see, Trinidad is very strict regarding the import of pets.
Posted on 2015-06-16 04:02:33.0

Hi there,i will like to take my dog back hme to trinidad from the do i go about it.
Posted on 2015-06-16 19:33:04.0

Cherian - importing a pet to Trinidad requires following procedures strictly else your dog is subject to 6 months of quarantine. As the US is considered rabies-controlled, see the second set of requirements on this page. They are bullet-pointed for you:
Posted on 2015-06-17 04:42:47.0

Where in Trinidad can I have my kitten micro chipped?
Posted on 2015-08-04 20:37:38.0

Hi, I want to bring my pet back to Trinidad from Grenada, would he be quarantined for 6m even with his microchip, shots, etc
Posted on 2015-09-17 23:45:46.0

Hi There Is there anyway that 30 day quarantine can he waived if I'm bringing my dog from Canada to Trinidad for vacation?
Posted on 2015-09-30 16:33:16.0

Luvette - Grenada is not included in the category 2 countries, so the extended quarantine should be imposed. this must be driven by some history of rabies on the island.
Posted on 2015-10-11 15:52:11.0

Thank you
Posted on 2015-10-11 17:59:52.0

I am going to Trinidad from the UK on holiday and I wanted to take my dog. Once I complete all the forms, etc what happens once she gets to Trinidad? Do they have to keep her at all or do I get her straight away? Also, is it costly?
Posted on 2015-12-19 16:32:09.0

I have a maltese. I am planning to travel to Trinidad from the U.S. in May. Is it too late to start all these proceedings? I will only be in Trinidad for one week.
Posted on 2016-02-23 16:18:49.0

I have a question, is a A Blood Titer Test not valid for live, my dogs have had a test done about 3 years ago and they get their rabies shots every year, do I have to do a new Titer Test?
Posted on 2016-03-16 16:32:08.0

Im trying to relocate my two puppies from Jamaica to South Africa - they need to be vaccinated for rabies yet the island dont have vaccine???
Posted on 2016-05-25 14:57:34.0