Pet Microchips for Dogs and Cats

Order a Pet Microchip for your Pet

Why should you microchip your pet?
Datamars Pet Microchips are less than the size of a grain of rice. Whether you travel or not, identifying your pet is the responsibility of any pet owner. Did you know that 80% of pets who are not microchipped and are separated from their owners are NEVER reunited with their owners? The solution: microchip your dog or cat! A visit to your veterinarian and a painless and gentle insertion is all it takes to help ensure that your pet can always be identified and returned to you.

 Importantly, once the microchip is inserted, you need to register the microchip with the manufacturer. Your contact information will be available to the agency who finds your pet and scans the microchip.

Microchips for dogs, cats, feretts, horses, pigs, lizards and snakes are small devices about the size of a grain of rice. The microchip is implanted into the dog or cat in the area of the shoulder by a licensed veterinarian.

The microchip contains only a number. If your pet is lost, the animal shelter can scan your pet and see the number. If your pet has been registered, you will then be contacted to arrange the return of your pet. However, it is essential that you register your pet and keep your contact information up to date.

If you are traveling to an EU Country and many other countries in the world, a microchip for your dog or cat is MANDATORY as the immigration officers use it to compare the pet they are scanning to the veterinary documents you have presented. See a list of countries that require a microchip.

The 15 digit ISO pet microchip is the world standard, and if you are traveling to an EU country and your pet has a nine or ten digit microchip, your pet will need a 15 digit pet microchip or you will need to carry your own microchip scanner.

We recommend the ISO compatible Datamars Microfindr™ Slim microchip. Why? Their slim chip is smaller than other chips and the implanter has a thinner gauge needle. Also, an audible click will indicate when the chip is inplanted and the chamber will lock and not allow the chip to be withdrawn with the needle. This is a vast improvement over other implantation devices and it is only available from Datamars!

The registered version of the Datamars Microfindr™ Slim microchip includes FREE registration in a database found at

PETS TRAVELING TO EUROPE OR LIVING IN EUROPE: If you are living in Europe or traveling throughout Europe, then your pet must be microchipped, then vaccinated (in that order). If your pet was vaccinated before the microchip was inserted, the pet must be vaccinated again after the microchip is inserted. This is a requirement of all EU countries.

PETS TRAVELING TO OTHER COUNTRIES: For travel to all countries, you should use ISO 15 digit microchip that meets ISO standards 11784/11785. Each country will have its own veterinary certificate. Many also require import certificates. Check the Pet Travel Store for immigration instructions and forms for over 240 countries worldwide.

REGISTERING YOUR CHIP: The microchip only contains a number. If your pet is lost it will be impossible for the agency who finds your pet to contact you unless you have registered the pet and the microchip number. You can register the microchip number with the company who made it or an independent company such as

In addition to the microchip, your pet should have a pet tag on its collar with your cell phone number, the microchip number and THE NAME OF THE MANUFACTURER OF THE CHIP.

The identification number contained in the microchip must appear on all veterinary and vaccination certificates.

Interested in the purchase of a Datamars Microfindr™ Slim pet microchip or the purchase or rental of a pet microchip scanner?