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Thread: Flying a cat into Kastrup airport?

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    Flying a cat into Kastrup airport?

    Hi all,

    I feel like I might have made a mistake.

    We are moving from the United States (Chicago area) to Denmark, and have booked a direct flight from O'Hare to Kastrup. I had finally started to settle down, thinking I had taken care of everything, and then I got some bad news; we fly into Kastrup on a Saturday, and the Border Inspection Veterinary Center is only open on weekdays. I have emailed them, but will not hear back until Monday. Does anyone have any experience flying an animal into Copenhagen? The email gives almost three weeks notice that an animal will be coming through at that time. Is there anything we can do other than reschedule the flight? I would love to put my mind at ease...

    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Flying a cat into Kastrup airport?

    Animals arriving from non-EU countries will be checked in Border Inspection Post before being granted entry to the EU.

    Try to contact them by phone:

    Read more things you need to know and prepare before flying with your kitten to Denmark:

    Hope that helps


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