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Thread: Travelling to Kuwait from Florida, USA

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    Unhappy Travelling to Kuwait from Florida, USA


    I am travelling with my two chihuahuas to Kuwait, they will be flying in Cabin. This is not the first time I fly there but I used to live in Missouri, and it was much easier to get all the paper work since the vet did everything. However in Florida its a different situation. They asking me to call Kuwait Consulate for the paper work, and this is not usual. I need help, Do I need paperwork from Kuwait? The agriculture document ( not sure what's it called)

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    Re: Travelling to Kuwait from Florida, USA

    Yasmeen - you can find current regulations to import your Chihuahuas to Kuwait here: If you need further instructions and forms, you can find them here at a modest charge: The package includes unlimited email support and the documentation can be emailed to you.

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