We’ve recently flown our 2 dogs to the US, using AIA Pets. It ended up as the worse experience we’ve encountered and would advise anyone looking for a reliable company to avoid them. The initial communication was slow, with me having to do all the chasing to receive the relevant docs, which finally arrived one week before the flight, adding to the stress of the organising the trip. The staff just didn’t seem bothered and weren’t really interested whenever I rang to chase.
I’d arranged to drop off the dog crates, fully bedded up with familiar items to comfort the dogs during the flight, at WFS Cargo Manchester Airport, prior to the trip. They were checked in, labelled up and stored so they would be ready for our departure.
On the morning of the flight, we arrived at WFS, to be told they’d sent our crates to a charity company. We were horrified! They managed to get 2 crates but they were enormous and no bedding. They told us not to worry and to go and catch the flight and they would find something for them to lie on.
As we boarded we could see the dogs on the apron waiting to board. As we taxied out we asked the cabin crew to let us know the temp in the hold. Then 10 minutes into the flight we got told the dogs were not on the aircraft! We were horrified. We had no idea what was going to happen to them.
We managed to get the airline to fax my daughter in the US who arranged a friend to pick up the dogs. We were told there was an issue with the ventilation in the front hold and they couldn’t get the crates in the rear hold. We wished they’d had told us before the flight left!
It took 3 days to get the dogs to the US. When we picked up the dogs they were sat on the plastic as the bedding was a skimpy blanket that had just ended up at one end. Luckily the dogs were fine.
I wrote a letter of complaint to AIA Pets and was told it would be passed on to the management. I received no explanation or apology. Every few weeks I contacted them but kept getting told these things take time. Eventually after 4 months I emailed them to threaten with trading standards and finally got a reply from the CEO.
He knew nothing of the complaint which I found unbelievable! Just shows the inadequacy of the staff. All I got was an apology, that WFS had dogs interest at heart and that I’d done a personal arrangement regarding the crates and so wasn’t AIA’s concern.
AIA Pets are happy to to take your money but the staff are a complete waste of time when it comes to customer service and would certainly not recommend them! They need to take a good luck at themselves.