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Thread: Transporting dog from Africa to Cayman Islands

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    Question Transporting dog from Africa to Cayman Islands

    Hi, I am British and currently living in Kenya. We have a large breed (labrador) dog who is essentially a family member.

    The official Cayman Islands information seems conflicting as it says no dogs from Africa can be imported, however it then says (later on) that there are exceptions for some situations.

    Our dog has been vaccinated regularly, has been microchipped and has had her rabies blood test done through South Africa (as a recognised international veterinary service).

    Will we be able to move over to the Cayman Islands with her? If so, what's the process and ball-park figure for costs typically?


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    Re: Transporting dog from Africa to Cayman Islands

    Andrew - you will need to enter the Cayman Islands from an approved country. You can get the titer test done in Africa as long as the sample is sent to an OIE-approved lab. However, you will need to move your Lab to an approved country and get a health certificate from a vet in that country.

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