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Thread: Road Travel from South Africa into LESOTHO

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    Road Travel from South Africa into LESOTHO

    Please confirm requirements for entry to Lesotho.

    Will be travelling by road with 1 dog for a HOLIDAY : 1 - 2 week visit. We need a health certificate signed by a state vet.

    Have reviewed detail online: IS a STATE VET in South Africa, a registered vet or is a STATE VET in South Africa an organisation like SPCA.
    We are having difficulty in reaching out to a STATE VET FOR the CERTIFICATE required, and we are not able to obtain a contact number in South Africa for a State Vet.

    Is there a place we can obtain the CERTIFICATE REQUIRED SO THAT WE CAN PRINT IT FOR VET to complete or will our registered VET have a copy ?

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    Re: Road Travel from South Africa into LESOTHO

    Francis - it will not be difficult to enter Lesotho with an international health certificate issued by a licensed vet in South Africa. Returning to South Africa will not be as easy unless your trip is shorter than 2 weeks. If your trip is less than 10 days, you can get a veterinary import permit that will allow your pet dog or cat to return to SA without having to go through the blood tests. Your pet will also need a microchip and proof of current rabies vaccination.


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