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Thread: From Russia to the UK

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    From Russia to the UK


    Does anyone have experience in bringing a little dog from Russia to the UK? I can see that the dogs are allowed (providing they are micro-chipped, vaccinated and have passport) , but only in a cargo. I am a bit concerned about this! Any ideas please?

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Re: From Russia to the UK

    Ana - you can fly with your small dog in the cabin to Paris, take the train to Calais and ride Le Shuttle to England. You will need to ride Le Shuttle in a vehicle, however. If you don't have anyone who can pick you up in Calais, try Folkestone Taxi or Pet-Movers. You can also ride on the DFDS Ferry from Amsterdam to Newcastle. They accept foot passengers on this route. Rail in the UK is very pet friendly.


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