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Thread: Can I Visit Las Vegas With My Pet Dog

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    Can I Visit Las Vegas With My Pet Dog

    I am living in Israel and never visit Las Vegas before. I want to visit with my pet dog breed German Shepherd. I want to know can I travel to Vegas without any problems with my dog and one of my friend also have a pet dog.

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    Re: Can I Visit Las Vegas With My Pet Dog

    sunil009 - you can find requirements to import your GSD to Las Vegas here and there are links to further instructions and forms if you need them: It is important to note that a rabies titer test will be required to return to Israel. You may want to consider getting that done before leaving Israel. You can find requirements to return to Israel here:

    United Airlines flies your route with only one stop; however, they do not fly live animals in the cargo hold on flights over 12 hours. You can try Air Canada as they also fly your route with one stop.


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