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Thread: International travel US Airlines

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    International travel US Airlines

    International Airline travel with a pet seems to have gotten much more expensive. United Airlines for example, as of June 2018 requires a certified broker for international travel to arrange pet shipments. Prior to the change the customer would arrange with United's Petsafe for shipment. The cost was fairly reasonable and required that the pet be brought to the cargo terminal with all the required documentation. This process work well for us for the last 6 years.

    However the airline now requires a third party broker to make all the arrangements with United. While the process is not a problem the cost escalates considerably. On our return trip, one way, from Panama to US the shipping cost, broker, airline etc was $1800 vice less than $400 previously.

    Round trip to ship a Pet could easily be more than $3000 (not including all the Vet fees etc).

    Perhaps because of the bad press it seems other airlines are adopting the broker requirement.

    I would like hear from other travelers and their recent experiences and recommendations.


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    Re: International travel US Airlines

    Tony - it is true that US-based airlines such as United, Delta and American do require that IPATA agents book the transport of pets flying as air cargo (or PetSafe for United). Many other airlines such as British Airways, ANA, Iberia and others have similar requirements.

    Have you asked whether American requires a broker if your pet is flying as accompanied checked baggage, if they serve your route? Also, there are non-US-based airlines that fly to Central and South America and you may want to investigate those that serve your route.

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