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Thread: Tourist travel from Mexico to India with a dog

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    Tourist travel from Mexico to India with a dog

    Hi everyone, I've been looking for information about how to travel with my dog from Mexico to India (E-Tourist visa for me. Staying one and a half month there)
    I'm Mexican and I'm planning to come to India in Sep 2018. I've found a lot of information on the internet but all is so confusing!
    I feel totally lost and even afraid to travel with my pet in the cargo (she's small but too big for cabin)
    Can someone recommend me airlines which give HUMANITARY service for dogs?
    Does someone knows about the rules and regulations to enter a dog to India??
    She's a mix by the way.
    Thanks a lot for your advice!

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    Re: Tourist travel from Mexico to India with a dog

    Isis - you can find requirements to import your dog to India here" It is our understanding that it is not permitted to import a dog on a tourist visa unless you are a citizen of India; however, you can scroll down the page to the Facebook comments and confirm with Aalok. Your dog will need to fly into India as checked baggage or air cargo. Best to go with a US or EU-based airline if you can help it.


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