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Thread: Travelling on road trip with your pet.

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    Did you know every year at least 200 dogs are found affected by frostbite and heatstroke? And in some parts on America, leaving your pets in parked car or RV is an offense and are penalized? Keep the pets safe with RV PetSafety! It monitors the petís environment temperature and keeps you alerted whenever there is a temperature excursion. Not all the dogs have same temperature tolerance, set the maximum temperature on Nimble device and get alerted when is a rise in temperature.



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    Re: Travelling on road trip with your pet.

    I am new here. I have no idea about this topic. Donít forget to pack the essentials.

    Keep your dog restrained with a pet seat-belt, or in a kennel, while the car is in motion. Remember, this isnít just for your dogs safety, but for the safety of everyone inside the vehicle.

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