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Thread: Age Limit for Pet Travel

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    Age Limit for Pet Travel

    Possibly moving to the UK and wondered given the recent media coverage of Meghan Markle not being able to bring one of her two dogs into the country because of age, if this is an actual problem?

    Does anyone know if there is an age limit for cats and dogs where it is deemed not sensible to dislocate your pets from familiar surroundings?

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    Re: Age Limit for Pet Travel

    It really is not that difficult to conform to UK requirements for import from a rabies-controlled country like the US. You can find them here: The issue is that all live animals must be imported to the UK as air cargo in the cargo hold. We would all like our pets to fly with us in the cabin, but this is not possible when flying to the UK unless your dog is a service animal or an ESA and your airline permits that.

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    Re: Age Limit for Pet Travel

    yes is important of the certification of pet. Mostly of the dogs are not provided to the certification of degree. It is a bad habits.In the some few years are not good consideration of this term because its considered as bad things.


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