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Thread: Puppy crying & vomiting

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    Puppy crying & vomiting

    We got our miniature smooth haired Dachshund 5 days ago at 8 weeks old. I know it's very early days but he will not stop crying and barking when he is left alone and gets himself so upset that he vomits in his crate.

    We tried covering the crate, a hot water bottle, ticking clock, blanket with his mums scent and our scents but he still barks non stop until we let him out. This goes without saying we have to take him up to our bedroom in his crate at night with the door open and try little by little leaving him alone for longer periods of time.

    He only vomits when he's been crying for around 30 minutes, today I left him for 1.5 hours crying and again he had vomited.

    At night in our room he doesn't cry (just gets up about 4 times to pee or poop) puppy pad success rate of about 50%!!

    I took some some time off from work, but he will be alone for around 4 Hours for the first time tomorrow & worried to leave him if he still vomits. Anyone experienced the same problem and any suggestions?

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    Re: Puppy crying & vomiting

    Try putting an in-laundered t-shirt in the crate. The scent may comfort him. Do not put him in the crate right after feeding. Also, try to establish a routine for your puppy. Have a play time, then put him in the crate. Do the same thing every day if you can. He is looking for his master. Bonding is real important for most dogs. Give him assurance and don't discipline until you see he is capable of understanding the rules of the house.

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    Re: Puppy crying & vomiting

    Sorry to hear your pup is unwell. When you have concerns about your dog's wellness, I always going to recommend taking them to visit a vet. They're are the best for making a diagnosis (which needs to be done in person) and for recommending treatment. Hope they are feeling much better soon.
    Peace, Paws, Love


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