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Thread: Is ESA program only for US citizens?

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    Question Is ESA program only for US citizens?


    my name is Eira and I am from Finland. I will start an internship in California starting January 1st. and I will stay in the country for 2 years with VISA. I am terrified of flying and i heard US has this ESA program. Is ESA program only for US citizens?

    Thank you for your answers.

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    Re: Is ESA program only for US citizens?

    Eiruli - ESAs are covered by the American Carrier Act and the Federal Housing Act. What this means is that US-based airlines must accept ESAs in the cabin of the aircraft. It is optional for other airlines. Also, housing accommodations in the United States that normally may not allow pets must do so with proper documentation. As for other attractions, restaurants, stores, etc., those are covered by health and safety regulations that may or may not include animals. These regulations apply to businesses, not individuals, so they would apply to you too.


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