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Thread: Moving with Hazel & Hugo

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    Moving with Hazel & Hugo


    We have two American terrier/pit bull dogs, are theses breeds banned in entire Switzerland? We want to know if we would be able to bring them with us if we move. We live in Africa. We would be based in Lausanne. They are spayed, micro chipped, vaccinated and super friendly and adorable.

    At the moment we are not sure if we will be posted in Belgium or Switzerland , so any information on the moving of our doggies to either destination will be greatly appreciated. This includes restrictions/challenges/etc for the two destinations.

    Many thanks

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    Re: Moving with Hazel & Hugo

    Hazel - you can find requirements to import your dogs to Switzerland here: Dangerous dog legislation depends on the canton that you are located in. The regulations for entering Belgium can be found here: This country does not exercise dangerous dog breed bans.


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