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Thread: Travel to Guam with Bunny

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    Question Travel to Guam with Bunny

    Hello, We are planning a gap year in Guam. I have taken dogs and kitties to and from Guam/Saipan in the past but never taken a bunny to Guam. We are not finding any definitive information on line or anywhere. We have determined that they are not allowed "in cabin" travel on United Airlines. Any help is welcome.[/COLOR][/COLOR]

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    Re: Travel to Guam with Bunny

    Pamela - Guam goes into great detail regarding the import of cats and dogs. As for other animals, they say "Other vertebrates such as skunks, wolves, raccoons, ferrets, etc. are not covered and are generally prohibited from entry." Best that you contact their Department of Agriculture - Animal Health Section.

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