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Thread: Taking (wet) dog food through security

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    Taking (wet) dog food through security

    Search as I might, I can't find any mention of issues (or otherwise) relating to taking (wet) dog food through security.

    Clearly, if I take a small amount in a baggie, there shouldn't be a problem, but a 150 gram packet is above & beyond the 100 ml. limit. I expect my 16-week pup could last without much food for the 9 hours my flights are expected to take (including connection time) but what if we miss the connection? I can't easily pass immigration with the pup to buy some puppy food, and I'll only have access to my cabin baggage. Has anyone had experience of claiming that puppy food is like baby food & needs to be taken into the cabin?

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    Re: Taking (wet) dog food through security

    You really do not want to feed your puppy much food while traveling. It will stimulate its bowels. A few treats or crunchies maybe. A bag of wet food may not make it through security.

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    Re: Taking (wet) dog food through security

    It's not necessary to feed your dog on the flight, because dogs are easy to get motion sickness that may lead to diarrhea and vomiting. It's suggested to ban the water and food. Vets recommend that we should prepare some medicines to prevent airsickness occurring if the dog had never traveled by airplane. I suggest you ask your vet and purchase the medicines in advance.


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