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Vaccination timing and EU to USA travel

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  • Vaccination timing and EU to USA travel

    Hi All,

    I have a bit of a quandary. I need to travel from the EU to the US at the time my cat's (non-rabies) vaccinations are due. She is due for her vaccinations exactly when I need to travel, but the rabies isn't due until January. Can I get these at the time that I get my health certificate or do I also need to get these done 30 days before travel? How early can you get them done? I ask because due to various things, I'd wind up getting them done 2 months early. (We've travelled before, but never when her vaccinations are due!)

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Vaccination timing and EU to USA travel

    Fisch - as long as your cat's previous rabies vaccination has not expired when the booster shot is administered, the 30 day wait does not apply. It is best to have the rabies vaccination done while in the EU and recorded in your cat's EU Pet Passport before traveling to the US. If you get the vaccination done in the US, you will need an EU health certificate endorsed by the USDA to return to the EU as US veterinarians are not permitted to record rabies vaccinations in the EU Pet Passport. As for the other vaccinations, you may want to discuss getting them done earlier with your vet.


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      Re: Vaccination timing and EU to USA travel

      Thanks. I will do that.

      And you're right -- It certainly is a lot easier to travel with an EU pet passport!