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  1. Pet starling in Denmark
  2. Preparing your pet for international travel
  3. NYC to Sofia Bulgaria
  4. Exporting Dogs JKF to Heathrow...
  5. Road Trip across Canada - pet-friendly accommodations?
  6. Ukraine, Lviv
  7. From Europe to South America
  8. Relocation to Libya
  9. Need some help with my chinese puppy
  10. Pet traveling from Miami, FL to Russia
  11. Bringing cats to London
  12. gecko travel
  13. Traveling with two cats from Bulgaria (VAR) to New York (JFK)
  14. Dogs in Spain
  15. Dogs in Guernsey
  16. korea/usa travel
  17. Traveling with my dog to Puerto Vallarta Mexico
  18. traveling with my dog to Venezuela July 22, 2010
  19. Fying to the U.S from korea with a cat
  20. Traveling with an FIV+ cat?
  21. pet relocation services?
  22. Entering Macedonia, Albania & Montenegro
  23. California to Japan- Cali being the hard part?
  24. two cats from us to the philippines
  25. dog from france to china, guangzhou
  26. Travelling From Canada to France to England
  27. Importanting an ill cat
  28. airline recommendations
  29. Going with 2 African Grey-Parrots zu Grenada/Carribean
  30. Relaxing in-cabin cats
  31. Traveling Denver to Croatia Via Frankfurt with a large dog
  32. bringing dog to canada from spain(EURO)
  33. Can I take a Staffordshire Bull Terrier into Thailand
  34. Beloved kitty, traveling from BA Argentina to the US
  35. traveling with two cats ( it seems impossible)
  36. taking my dog from egypt to argentina
  37. Taking small dog in cabin from Dublin to Bahrain
  38. I want to ship 2 dogs (pit bull and boxer) from Colombia to Miami
  39. Lufthansa dog crates
  40. Can cats escape?
  41. Micro chipping for international pet travel
  42. Istanbul to Hong Kong
  43. From Bolivia, SA to Canada, via Miami, FL - different certificates for Canada and US?
  44. Moving to France with Exotics?
  45. Want some help
  46. How long of a layover do you need to take dog outside and get back through security??
  47. Any way around the blood titer test required 6months PRIOR to travel for entering UK?
  48. Cats traveling to Chile.. help!!
  49. Travel with large dog from bucharest, romania to calgary, canada
  50. US Embassy stamp on vet certificates and translation of docs
  51. Travelling from the Netherlands to Canada with kitty!
  52. Traveling with a dog from USA to Trinidad and Tobago
  53. Pet travel from Moscow Russia to South Africa Durban
  54. US to Brazil
  55. Traveling with pet rat to France
  56. taking my dog to france from egypt and then onto australia
  57. emigrating with a dog from South Afirca
  58. Pet in cabin from UK to New Zealand?
  59. exporting puppy to Germany
  60. Chipmunks? and other rodent like animals
  61. UPDATED Microchip readers at major European Airports
  62. two small dogs in one carrier, twenty pounds total. Flying to Europe
  63. Help! I have questions...
  64. Kransky's story - how and why I died
  65. traveling to kuching sarawak malaysia
  66. Getting Pet Health Certificate Translated into Italian
  67. In need of HELP ......
  68. Brazil Custom's Fees for Dogs???
  69. getting conflicting information?
  70. So Confused Please Help
  71. please help
  72. Dallas to London with pet
  73. bahamas to cayman to barbados
  74. What are the Regulations for Pet travel to Germany?
  75. travelling with my pets
  76. In-Cabin international airline travel - London to Los Angeles
  77. Flying from Shanghai to Los Angeles with a layover
  78. Travel Crate for large Great Dane needed
  79. Traveling with my Pitbulls
  80. Traveling with two chihuahuas
  81. Potty Break in Scotland?
  82. Montserrat via Antigua
  83. France to Canada?
  84. Cargo conditions in cold temps
  85. Travel with cat to USA from Macedonia
  86. Bringing large dog to Costa Rica
  87. Relocating From Indiana, USA to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  88. Traveling from South America to Los Angeles CA
  89. Flying From Chicago to Italy/France with Cats in Cabin
  90. Requirements for France for dog from us
  91. Flying from Canada -> USA with Large Dog
  92. California to Japan- Cali being the hard part?
  93. Taking 2 dogs from California to Hungary
  94. Anyone traveling to Eukanuba this year? especially west coast to Orlando
  95. From Italy to Malawi... my dog (and his woner) need help!
  96. from Burundi to Canada
  97. From Panama to St. Maarten
  98. From USA to New Zealand - HELP!
  99. USA to Portugal (and back) with a puppy: what am I, nuts?
  100. Traveling from Madrid to Toronto with 70 lb. Dog, layover in Frankfurt
  101. Flying from Canada to US with a Netherland Dwarf Bunny
  102. UK to Costa Rica! Help
  103. Travelling with 5 cats from Egypt to Australia - Almost impossible!
  104. Need to transport two boxers from USA to Namibia, Africa
  105. Flying two cats from San Francisco to Jakarta
  106. I read that St. Maarten will not allow pets
  107. Pet Travel to the Philippines
  108. Traveling from Aberdeen, Scotland to Houston TX
  109. Proper size carrier for flying in the cabin ( with cat)?
  110. Traveling with dogs in a horse stall?
  111. Relocating U.S. to Italy; would like to take my 2 pet frogs with me. How?
  112. Relocating with Dog to Thailand for 2 Years from Germany
  113. Bringing a puppy from China to the U.S.
  114. Two large dogs Spain to Florida
  115. Taking a dog to Hungary
  116. ?Boxer puppy from Miami to Argentina
  117. Flying a pekingese - laundry list of issues
  118. Big CAt
  119. Ecuador to the UK, seeking certified Blood Titer Test
  120. I need help to bring my large dof from canada to vietnam
  121. Traveling out of South Africa
  122. Transiting France to West Africa
  123. Traveling back to MI (US) with my dog from Italy
  124. Any humane way of pets entering Australia?
  125. How do I get a puppy from Russia to Ireland?
  126. Ohio to Cyprus via UK
  127. Finding a Dallas USDA (or CFIA) accredited veterinarian
  128. Just sent boxer puppy to Argentina on Continental/United Airlines
  129. Traveling to the middle east and back with my mini-poodle?
  130. Pet BIRD travel to Brazil
  131. Service animal on European Cruise
  132. Best Travel Crates for Dogs and Cats via Airplane
  133. Traveling to France and Italy with our dog from San Francisco
  134. Pitbulls to Grenada
  135. Traveling wirh my pets from South Africa to England .
  136. discrepancies with pet in cabin with Delta
  137. Travelling with my pet dog from South Korea to India
  138. Taking 2 dogs from California to Hungary
  139. 8 hr Flight But Dog eats Absorbant Crate Pads
  140. traveling from Russia to Israel with my cat
  141. Travelling from New Zealand to Russia (maybe through Thailand)
  142. pet weight for in-cabin flight
  143. Help... Confused about moving from US to UK!
  144. traveling with 13 weeks old pop to Curacao from Toronto
  145. International travel with a dog
  146. Traveling with a dog from JFK > MAD > JFK
  147. dog question
  148. Driving to every country on earth with our dogs. Can it be done?
  149. Bringing my dogs from the Philippines to the U.S.
  150. greyhounds and cats NJ to Germany - help
  151. Traveling between South Korea and the U.S.
  152. relocating from Bermuda to Boston
  153. Delta from lax to tokyo-haneda with dog as cargo
  154. foldable soft sided airline carrier for mini schnauzer wanted--which one?
  155. Pets to Saudi Arabia
  156. Pet travel from the US to Ukraine
  157. Netherlands
  158. Spain, France, Italy...which one is best?
  159. dogs in transit
  160. Pet Travel around Thailand
  161. tell me its not true!
  162. Bringing a puppy back with me from Sweden?
  163. Flying Puggle International?
  164. Help! Flying 2 dogs through Miami next week
  165. Trip in singapore
  166. Trip from INDIA to USA with stopover of 3 hr in Germany HELP!!
  167. Tracel from Switzerland to Canada
  168. Travel from Switzerland to Canada
  169. Cat from US to Amsterdam to UK (via Ferry)
  170. Conflicting info on requirements to import to Saudi Arabia
  171. Dog Holiday - London to New York
  172. Little dog needs to travel from South Sudan to Ethiopia to Europe - any tipps?
  173. Taking a cat with me from Istanbul to Boston, transfer in Munich
  174. Terrier travelling from RUSSIA to NY, JFK... need advice
  175. Cat Traveling to U.S. from Beirut
  176. Transferring pet from Int'l cargo to domestic flight as baggage
  177. Travel to Europe with a dog.
  178. Travel to south africa with a dog.
  179. Large dog from USA to Cyprus
  180. Chow Traveling Philippines to New York
  181. USA to France
  182. First time flying with a cat (IST - CPH - KEF - BOS)
  183. From New Delhi India to New York with stopover 3 hr Frankfurt Help!
  184. in cabin carriers
  185. How can I avoid Cargo Hold Travel for small diabetic dog travelling from USA to UK?
  186. Customs check
  187. Bringing a dog to the UAE
  188. Pet Travel in Tibet?
  189. 2 Cats flying direct from Istanbul to Washington Dulles
  190. Layover in Pudong, China with a chihuahua
  191. Relocating Shih Tzu from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Melbourne
  192. Animal in Transit hold-can I go to my pet?
  193. Shared Charter Flight (with pets) from UK to US?
  194. Traveling with dog to CDG airport --Paris
  195. Pets travelling from Canada to the European Union
  196. How many dogs allowed- South Africa to Germany
  197. Snub nosed dogs traveling on Emirates
  198. Bring my 2 Chinchillas from USA to Shanghai
  199. Pet export ban from Indonesia?
  200. Transporting pet Dog from Philippines to USA
  201. Travelling from Mumbai, India to Edmonton, Canada with 7 month old lab puppy
  202. US to India
  203. US to Israel, direct flight... What's a better option?
  204. Traveling To France
  205. pug to Madrid
  206. Is a Transit License required for Qatar?
  207. Bringing my yorkie to Costa Rica
  208. Pet skunk
  209. This is my dog ​​Lalo.
  210. travel come from Canada
  211. International carriers that allow Emotional support Animals
  212. Travelling to Malaga
  213. Need english speaking vet in chile
  214. Flying to Sweden with Bulldog
  215. Air France - carrier requirement
  216. Checking a pet with Air france at CDG airport ???
  217. Dallas to Riga in mid-summer
  218. Prescription Drugs for the Pup
  219. USA to Denmark
  220. International transport - by sea (eg: not via airlines)
  221. Traveling with English bulldog (stub nosed dog) to Bermuda
  222. What do I need to know and do for taking a cat from oslo to spain and back... and if
  223. Travel from Trinidad to the US
  224. Flying to Moscow via Zurich
  225. Cat travel to Finland from New Zealand
  226. Best pet carriers/crates to use for international flight?
  227. Bird veterinarian USDA accredited category 2 in massachusetts
  228. Bird veterinarian USDA accredited category 2 in massachusetts
  229. Cat with FIV
  230. Flying my CATS to AUSTRALIA from UK...IS IT SAFE in Cargo ?
  231. Traveling to Qatar and back to Australia
  232. Iguana travel from usa to spain
  233. From Equatorial Guinea to Finland with a cat (and dog..?)
  234. traveling with cat om KLM, lay-over in Amsterdam
  235. Going from New York to Peru with English Bulldog!
  236. Urgent help needed for pet traveling from Canada to Malaysia
  237. Taking different flight than Cat - help
  238. Planning to move with my pet from New Delhi to Los Angeles CA US
  239. Taking a pup from Bosnia to US
  240. Cat to quarantine - experiences for Netherlands..?
  241. Taking a Japanese Chin pup back to Thailand..
  242. Moving from Denmark to Oregon - USA
  243. US to Sweden - What to expect in Frankfurt for Carry-on Cat
  244. Help! What are the pet layover procedures for Shanghai?
  245. Transiting Through Korea
  246. Transiting Through Tokyo
  247. Driving U.S. to Canada with Pet Rat
  248. Transiting dog through Paris to USA
  249. Emmigrating to Canada and want to avoid flying with dog
  250. Traveling to South Korea - need crate