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Pet Friendly Hotels Texas USA - Dog Friendly Hotels Texas USA If you are traveling with your pet to Texas you will be pleased to find out that the state has four out of the top ten pet friendly cities in the United States according to AAA guidebook "Traveling with your Pet." Houston, ranked as the number one most pet accommodating city in the country, boasts 108 pet friendly hotels or motels, two off-leash dog parks, and twenty accredited veterinarian hospitals. Dallas is not far behind with 62 pet friendly hotels, two dog parks, and 13 animal hospitals. San Antonio as well as Austin are also among the most pet friendly cities in all the country.

One thing that nearly everyone agrees on is that Texas is BIG. You and your pet would never have enough time to explore the entire State but here are some ideas. You might want to start your vacation in Big Bend Country. You may want to park the car and rent horses for a trip along the mighty canyon walls alongside a winding river. This is a part of Texas with towering mountains, rivers, lakes and nearly every kind of outdoor activity you might want.

Missing the ocean, then take a trip down to the Gulf Coast of Texas. 600 miles of sparkling sand beaches dotted with quaint seaside towns where a small motel is just waiting to accommodate you and your pet.

You may think that Texas is mostly prairie country but then you have not yet see Texas Hill Country. The land’s beautiful rolling hills, sparkling rivers and bold display of bluebonnets every spring are matched only by the independent spirit of the people and a level of cultural diversity Texans pride themselves on. You can mountain bike, hike or visit one of the spectacular caves such as Cascade Caverns. In the Northern part of the State is the “panhandle�. The Red River has carved the incredible spires and pinnacles of Palo Duro Canyon whose walls plunge nearly 1,000 feet to the floor below, exposing brilliant, multi-colored layers of sediment.

The Piney Woods area of Texas is another kind of place all together. Towering pine forests slowly yield to lush wetlands around Caddo Lake. Trails of blooming azaleas and dogwoods are widely celebrated during the spring months.

Once you are ready to leave the “country� the huge cities of Dallas, Houston and San Antonio are well prepared to provide you all of the excitement and night life you might require.

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