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When visiting Pennsylvania the rich history of its largest and most dynamic city Philadelphia always seems to come to mind. Boasting the fact that it was the largest city in the U.S until 1830 and that it was the host city to the First Continental Congress in 1774 and to one of the most famous and important symbols of the American Revolutionary War, the Liberty Bell, its place in American history is astounding. Equally impressive is the number of pet friendly things to do when visiting this great city. Hotels, Attractions, Parks, Stores and Outdoor Restaraunts which are pet accommodating can be found in abundance in Philadelphia. Take your pet on a stroll down the Ben Franklin Bridge or just let him run around and play in one of the many dog parks.

There is plenty more to see in Pennsylvania and exploring the state with your canine friend is a must. There are many pet friendly accommodations such as bed and breakfasts, hotels and rentals throughout the state that will gladly house you and your pet and will probably have a surprise treat for him or her as well.