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Aloha! Mention the word and a thousand dreamy vacation images spring to mind. But it is more than a word. It is a bridge to Hawaii's past. Aloha. Literally, the breath of life. It is woven into our community fabric and is a daily reminder that we don't just breathe the same air. We breathe the same breath. It is the basis of a genuine welcoming spirit that we share with our families, friends, and guests... our visitors.

Hawaii is a paradise for pets and their traveling pet owners. However, visiting Hawaii with your pet requires several months of preparation as Hawaii is rabies free while the mainland US is not. The procedure is easy to understand when you have the pet passport package for Hawaii that also includes all of the necessary forms. The package is available here: Hawaii pet passport package.

You can fly into either the main airport on Oahu or the somewhat smaller airport on Maui but at the present time they will need to travel as checked baggage unless you are traveling with Alaska Airlines. This is not a rule made by Hawaii, it is just that at the present time no airline is accepting pets in the cabin on that particular route. Be sure to check with before you travel as this may change. For the traveling pet owner and their pets there are two very different destinations in one.

The beach at Waikiki on the Island of Hawaii offers large luxury hotels, shops, hundreds of restaurants and lots of night life.

The beach itself is one of the most beautiful in the Islands. The downside is that it is very busy and can be somewhat noisy. Only a few miles away are the Islands of Kauai, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, and Hawaii each with their own style and character. Maui is for fun and even a volcano, Kauai is for mountains and waterfalls. Lanai is for beaches with fewer tourists. Molokai is rugged and quiet. Hawaii, the largest of the Islands has a little of everything including the famous black sand beaches.

You and your pet will enjoy a trip to this tropical paradise.

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