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Pet Friendly Hotels Carmel California:
Beautiful Carmel by the Sea has so much going for it that it makes the perfect vacation destination for you and your pet. Oh, and did we mention how pet friendly the city is?

The beaches are long and mostly deserted, a great place for a sunrise stroll. Walk a little further and you will see geysers of water shooting up where the restless Pacific meets the rocky shoreline.

Above the beaches along the coast highway are restaurants with outside decks where your pet will be welcome to enjoy lunch with you.

Carmel is known for its shopping. There are lots of fun little stores, but it is really known for the famous brand stores from Europe such as Guchi. The sidewalks are nicely shaded so your pet will be comfortable walking along the main street or into one of the stone-paved alleyways or curlicue-roofed shops.

And then, just a few miles away are the famous vineyards. Most of America's best wines come from this area and you will always find a cool cellar at the winery where they will be glad to let you taste the products of their estate.

There are dozens of pet friendly inns and B & B's but perhaps the most famous of the pet friendly inns is the one founded by Doris Day � The stately Cypress Inn. The lobby of the hotel is a great place to relax in front of the fireplace with your pets lying in front of the fire. Yes, they are very welcome throughout the hotel except for the dining room.

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