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Pet Friendly Hotels California - Dog Friendly Hotels CaliforniaOn January 24, 1848, gold was discovered by James Marshall at Sutter's Mill in Coloma, California. The Gold Rush was on, and one of the most significant events to ever shape a state occurred. Unleashed, was a massive global migration of individuals and families seeking their fortune by claiming their stake in the opportunity for wealth.

In the 150 years following, California, the third largest state, has become the most populous in the U.S. It is easy to understand why. Its climate and geography are perhaps the most appealing in America and home to a seemingly endless coastline, more national parks, monuments and wilderness areas than any other state.

There is so much to do and see in California, that you'll have to come back again and again. Hiking, fishing, golfing, camping, dining, skiing and of course, sun bathing are only a few of the myriad of choices that one has while enjoying the majestic views that are offered in this paradise. And, this state boasts two of the top ten pet friendly cities in North America, San Francisco and San Diego.

There are those who think that California is a little "unusual" which is one of the reasons it is such an exciting place for you and your pet to visit. Your pet will be welcome nearly everywhere in California including the glitzy Beverly Hills area of Los Angeles. You and your pet may stroll along next to a move star out walking their well coffured pet. You can even shop for a diamond studded dog collar while you are there.

In sunny San Diego there is the famous Mission Beach which is also known as doggy beach. Pets are allowed to roam freely along the edge of the bay and frolic in its warm waters.

As you move North along the coast is the beautiful Big Sur area where the ocean meets the shore with crashing waves. It is also a very laid back region and pets are seen on the streets, in the shops and in on the patio of an ocean front cafe.

San Francisco, one of the greatest cities in the world, with five star dining, breath-taking vistas, and near Napa Valley, the heart of wine country, is a pet lover's dream come true. Eating places, shopping and lodging abound in this unique and beautiful, pet friendly city. Even the San Francisco Giants, host a Dog Day's of Summer baseball game, where you can bring your furry friend to root with you, then have dinner at Cafe Bastille, a delightful French cafe, and dine alfresco. Nearly every hotel and bed and breakfast accepts pets which are just a part of the way of life in the city. There are more than a dozen dog parks in San Francisco but Lafayette Park is one of the best. It is situated high on a hill overlooking the city.

Interested in whale watching? Just head off to the seaside neighborhood of Point Loma, just north of downtown San Diego, where you can see the annual migration of the great pacific gray whale. Then, take the pooch to many of the leash free beaches and kick off your shoes, and enjoy a relaxing stroll with your loved ones. If shopping is your thing, even Neiman Marcus, the retailer serving the needs of the luxury market, will let you shop with Rover, provided that they are friendly and on a leash.

With beaches, mountains, lakes, woods and deserts, California is a destination for all, especially pet lovers. Over 2000 pet friendly B and B's, motels, resorts, inns and ranches welcome you to its vast beauty. It has been said so many times since the Gold Rush days, "go west, young man", and it is still a phrase that rings true today.  

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