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We verify the airlines pet rules before we send them to you. However, as the rules change frequently, we recommend you check back with us if your travel date is more than 60 days away.

Celtic Link Ferries Pet Policies

Cherbourg, France to Rosslare, Ireland
Rosslare, Ireland, Cherbourg, France

Celtic Link Ferries operates 7 days a week and accepts the carriage of pet animals for free. Pets can either travel in one of the ferry's kennels or travel in the passenger's car. All bookings for pets must be made over the phone and not online.

Celtic Link Ferries (IRL) Ltd is a participant in the United Kingdom DEFRA program Pet Travel Scheme. Celtic Link is authorized to bring dogs, cats and ferrets from Ireland to France and other EU member states without quarantine restrictions. Pet travelers must have a current pet passport.

Cats, Dogs and Ferrets traveling on the Celtic Horizon on the Ireland / France route can only be booked by phone. Under absolutely no circumstances can a pet travel if a customer presents him/her self at port with a pet after making an online booking. Acceptance of bookings for pets is subject to the pet owner proving that they have satisfied all current government legislation regarding the DEFRA Pets Travel Scheme.

Celtic Link Ferries (IRL) Ltd has absolute discretion to accept or refuse any passenger, their vehicle, their pets or their luggage on board. We will not accept bookings On the day of departure For pets not holding a valid Pet Passport For pets other than Cats, Dogs and Ferrets For unaccompanied pets For those travelling by foot including coach passengers (with the exception of officially registered guide dogs) For those travelling by motorcycle or bicycle.

If a return booking is made Ireland to France, a return booking must be made for the pet. If a pet is not returning it will be necessary to provide evidence of this or the pet and passenger may be refused travel. Traveling pet owners with pets must check in at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure time, otherwise travel will be refused. Access to pets while on board is at the discretion of the crew. Arrangements to visit a pet can be made at the reception desk on deck 5. Visits are dependent on the availability of a crew member to escort the passenger and on weather conditions. If a dog is required to be muzzled by Irish or French legislation and is not muzzled, the dog and its owner will be refused travel.

A certificate of good health is required indicating that the pet is healthy enough for travel, is free of diseases communicable to humans and has been properly vaccinated.

In many cases, your destination will be another country on the ferry or cruise line, and it will be necessary that you have the proper documents to enter that country with your pet. Most countries have their own version of a veterinary certificate, sometimes called a Zoo Sanitary Certificate. In addition, some countries require an important permit.

When the weather is very cold the Ferry Line may not be able to accommodate your pet in one of the pet crates located on the deck of the ship.

If you choose to transport the pet in your own automobile or in your own pet crate, you will need to have a suitable pet crate. The pet crate must meet certain standards of quality and construction in order to be taken aboard ship.

To learn more about compliant pet crates, visit our Passports Container Requirements.

Make sure you find the best size crate for your pet

1. Never give your pet a medical (prescription) sedative prior to traveling on a ferry or cruise ship. If you have a hyper or nervous pet, then give it a natural relaxing agent such as HAPPY TRAVELER.
2. Always purchase your pet carrier well in advance of your trip so that the pet can get used to it.
3. Be sure to tell the cruise or ferry line you will be traveling with a pet as they impose restrictions on the number of pets on a specific sailing.
4. Even though sea travel may be stressful both you and your pet, both of you will be happier if your pet gets to travel with you on your trip.

QUESTIONS If you have questions about traveling with your pet send your question to or post them to our blog or forum.