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Traveling Worldwide with your pet — 604 Comments

  1. Lia – you will need to check your dogs in at Air New Zealand’s cargo facility at Narita for the flight to Auckland. You can contact their international cargo facilities in NZ at or you can contact their cargo offices in Japan at +813 5521 2738.

  2. Hi, my two dogs will be flying from Narita to Auckland on Air NZ, and I was just wondering if anyone knows the exact procedure for what to do at Narita.
    Where do we take them after the AQS quarantine health inspection? I won’t be on the same flight, so are they “checked in” at the Air NZ counters, or another special area for pets? Will Air NZ cargo staff be looking after them until boarding, and will we be able to stay with them?

    I hope perhaps someone will be able to answer these questions, thank you!

  3. PS. We would add that, if you need to claim your pet, it will need to clear customs and enter Taiwan. You want to avoid that if possible.

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