Traveling with a Dangerous Dog Breed

Pet Travel with Dangerous Dog

Planning a trip with your Pit Bull? Relocating to a foreign country with your Rottweiler? You had better know the rules on entering a country with an agressive breed of dog. The consequences for your pet could be pretty severe.

There is no disputing the fact that traveling with a pet has become a more popular trend in recent years. Countries that value tourism as well as airlines that value additional revenue have made it easier for the pet owner to see the world with their pet. Yet, even with the emergence of in-cabin priviledges and more careful cargo handling, comes the increased enforcement of certain rules regarding the movement of agressive types of dogs.

Several countries ban the import of aggressive breeds of dogs. We suggest you contact the embassy of the country you are traveling to determine if your pet is acceptable for entry.

If you are flying with your pet, be sure and arrange NOT to change carriers along the way. Airlines will not interline pets. Arrangements must be made to get your pet from one carrier to the other. In addition, you should be aware that certain carriers will not carry Staffordshire breeds even when traveling as cargo.

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