Pet Travel to India: Dog Trafficking Drives Change in Import Rules

Pet Travel to IndiaThinking of taking your pet to India with you on vacation? Think again because your pet will be refused entry. New amendments to laws governing pet import state that the import of two pet animals as baggage shall be allowed only to persons who transfer their residence to India after two years of continuous stay abroad.

Why did India pass such an amendment? It appears that there has been a problem with animal trafficking from breeders in Russia and Thailand. “Custom made dogs” who were separated from their mother too early and arrive with carriers posing as tourists in order to dodge import tarrifs has made the change necessary. What a shame. Read more about it….


Pet Travel to India: Dog Trafficking Drives Change in Import Rules — 7 Comments

  1. Has anyone travelled with a havanese dog from USA to Mumbai ? Any tips? I am a first time traveler. Very nervous..

    Will he be transported through air cargo? Has anyone done that before?
    Please help.

  2. Rajesh – it is possible to import a pet to India to live with a resident. You will need to obtain a No Objection Certificate in India to accomplish this. You may want to consider getting an agent to help you with the requirements. You can find one at

  3. What if I am an Indian, who lives in India and wants to get a pet from abroad? Why can’t I? I have heard something about getting an import licence from DGFT in India and then following the procedures/paperwork like NOC etc. Please let me know.

  4. Yesterday I heard heartbreaking news about a law passed in India on April 2013 that bans visitors from bringing their pets to India. People living overseas will now be forced to abandon them and choose between family & friends in India and their pet children. Please sign my petition, get people you know to sign too and help bring change to this unjust law!

  5. What about ppl wanna move to India? I have been living out of India since 2001 and my dog is only 3 yrs old. I cannot leave him behind. I am so worried with this new regulation as trying to find the info everywhere but not going anywhere with my search. Airlines seems to be getting very strict as well. Anybody know sif we are travelling toghther and not coming back. Does he need to get passport or travel vaccination wud be enough along the health certificate? I personally think if you get the NOC from India, There should not be any problem. But still, I think about going to India.. Scaring me seriously. They make issue of ANYTHING on the spot. Anyway, Anybody knows about passport for India?

  6. What about people carring their pets along with them wherever they go I have been travelling with my dogs since years , what about genuine people like us.Not fair,one side u want to stop dog trafficking thats good but the other side u want pet owners to live their pets behind whenever they live the country which almost kills them,Please be FAIR.

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