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Pet Travel: Share your pet’s adventures with other pet owners! — 9 Comments

  1. I would love to join your community! We tour Europe almost permanently with 4 cavapoos and have recently adopted a Romanian Stray!

    The advice on Pet Travel has been invaluable.

    We blog about our adventures on

  2. Ari – it depends on both your route and your airline. Some airlines do not transport live animals during the summer. Others will ban certain airports for the summer. Some airlines will issue temporary bans depending on the weather. You should consult your airlines for their summer policies.

  3. Hello, my pet is traveling to canada, in sept 20, so that would be a good day for flight based on air cargo temprature policy? cause it was mentioned that between may to sept any pet is not allowded to fly, so im wondering sep 20 is cold enough for fly? cause its not over 29°c

  4. Tish – EU legislation states that cats, dogs and ferrets must wait for 21 days after rabies vaccination before entering the EU, so, they can enter the EU on the 22nd day or later after rabies vaccination. If your cat does not conform to these regulations, it is unlikely that your government veterinarian will approved the EU health certificate and, even if they do, your airlines will likely not accept your cat knowing that it may be returned. Enforcement is always difficult to predict and we cannot advise not fully conforming to regulations when importing a pet to a foreign country.

  5. I’m traveling to Germany from the US with an adult cat. Can I depart 20 days after the rabies booster – arriving in Germany on the 21st Day? They already have an ISO Microchip; so just need to get rabies booster.

  6. Claire – no airline will accept a live animal in the cargo hold when the temperatures exceed 85 degrees anywhere along the route (origination airport, layover or destination). This is for the safety of your pet. Try to find flights at night when temperatures are not so excessive.

  7. Do Singapore airlines allow cocker spaniels on there flights as cargo? due to relocate to Brunei in summer and trying to figure out a way to bring our beloved pet dog with us

  8. Andre – as long as you are flying in and out of Istanbul on Turkish Airlines, you will stay in the secure area of the airport until you board the next flight. Do not clear customs or documentation will be required.

  9. Hi, I am travelling with my French Bulldog on June using Turkish airlines. He will be 5 months by then, so still at the 8kg max rule.

    My question is: I have 4hrs transit in Istanbul’s airport, can I stay with my dog in the transit area until the next flight?

    Thank you

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