Airline Pet Travel: Delta Cargo Announces New Summer Live Animal Program

cat in cargo crateUPDATE: Note that, as of October 1, 2016, Delta Cargo will no longer accept snub-nosed pets of any kind (see list in step 6). Delta will also discontinue their Summer Live Animal Program and temperature restrictions (10 F/-12 C and 85F/29 C) will be imposed for all cities that Delta flies. Additionally, Delta will no longer accept pets traveling as cargo on flights with an average duration of over 12 hours.

Find Delta Airlines current pet policies.


Airline Pet Travel: Delta Cargo Announces New Summer Live Animal Program — 365 Comments

  1. Taylor – you can find step-by-step requirements to import your Shepherd to Poland here and there are links to further instructions and required forms if you need them: The need for the rabies titer test in step #3 depends on your origin country. No quarantine will be imposed as long as requirements are met. We prefer to look at routes to see which airline flies the route most efficiently and we can help you with that if we knew your route. You will not need to claim your pet and enter the Netherlands as long as you fly into and out of AMS on the same airline.

  2. Hi. I am moving to Krakow, Poland in the fall and need to transport my Australian Shepard. He will be 10 months old by the time we leave. He has all of his shots including rabies and is neutered. My questions were: 1) Does Poland have a quarantine on dogs? 2) What airlines are most pet friendly? 3) There is a connecting flight in Amsterdam will I have to recheck my pet? I appreciate any info you can give me!

  3. Such wonderful information about to travel, I really liked your blog. I’ve really enjoyed reading it throughout. Thanks for Sharing.

  4. Robin – we are not sure about the ESA policies of your airline. Many foreign-based airlines will only recognize ESAs on the leg of the flight originating from or terminating in the USA. If this is not permitted, then likely your cat will need to fly in the cargo hold and it will need a transit permit if it will change aircraft in HK. (you can tell that there is an aircraft change if the flight numbers change). You should absolutely discuss your cat’s transport with your airline. As all live animals must arrive in HK as air cargo, it may be required that your cat transit as air cargo. Your airline can give you additional details.

  5. I am planning to bring my cat from USA to Taiwan. I will have a layover in Hong Kong. A direct flight is unavailable. I have gotten the rabies titer results and they are acceptable. Can you help me with the next steps and tell me how soon I should notify the airline? I have flown with this cat before (on short flights) as a emotional support animal. Can I do this for an international flight with the same documentation?

  6. Miranda – it is our understanding that pets can enter China at the following cities with home quarantine: Checked Baggage or air cargo: Guangzhou, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Zian, Dalian and Shenyang. That said, we would suggest that you contact an agent in China to confirm as also to see if they can arrangen for the import of your pets to Beijing with home quarantine. An agent in China is helpful as they are familiar with local practice. (we are in the US). You can search for one at

  7. Hello! I have 2 large breed dogs to fly from the US to eventually end up in Tianjin, China. Can you please suggest a route and near destination that I’ll not have to quarantine them? Or at least mostly a home quarantine as we are planning to relocate our home there. Thank you in advance.

  8. Daniel – obviously, the dogs will need to clear customs at SEA and an agent (or broker) is required to clear them and put them on a flight to MSO. It is unclear why things have changed if you are using a US-based customs agent (or broker) who will clear them and check them on a flight to MSO. You may want to search for an agent who serves SEA and inquire. You can find one at

  9. Hi,
    I am in Missoula MT (MSO) and trying to import a couple pups and adult dogs from Frankfurt. I am being told I would have to ship to Seattle (9 hr. drive one way). Only 2 yrs ago I was able to do the same thing with a broker used at port of entry airport and the dogs were the flown right into Missoula.
    What I am not doing right this time?

  10. Lroi – we are sorry that your airline did not service you properly. We would note that if your pets were flying as air cargo, the airlines will not guarantee that your pets will fly on the same flight as you. We hope they got to your destination safely.

  11. I was traveling, booked my flight for my pets and the lady at the counter swore that I “wasn’t going to make the booked flight” she offered that if I increased the flight to the 1K $ more that the pets would for sure make it…. I said no ill wait for the flight after that and take the 500 flight. Then she said they could not fly on that flight it was too booked. I paid the 1K because I had no option, then left I got a call “AFTER” I dropped the pets off and went on to travel and I was told that the pets did not make the flight that was more expensive that the pets actually had to flight on the cheaper – later flight and I asked if I would get my money back and I received an 800 number and I have never heard from them to return my money…. FRAUD – BAD SERVICE – PROTECT YOUR PETS

  12. Melanie – the airlines will only transport pets in the cargo hold when the temperatures are below 85 degrees. Three options that may work. Select a flight that departs very late or very early in the AM. Also, check with United to see if they can fly the route as they offer additional protections for live animals during the summer in select airports. Fly out to Palm Springs to pick up the puppy and fly it back in the cabin.

  13. So If I was to have an Australian Shepherd puppy shipped from Ohio to Palm Springs this summer, would they still fly him out here? because it’s always over 85 here in the summer but we’re really wanting another dog from the lady we got our first dog from

  14. Ella – the main concern is the heat. The summer heat embargo starts in mid-May and most airlines will not fly a pet in the cargo hold after that date. (over 85 degrees F)

  15. Just wanted to ask about international flights and importing.

    What would be the deal with going from the UK to Las Vegas with a dog in cargo in Late May?

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