Keeping your Pet Cool and Safe this Summer

Are you and your pets ready for the “Dog Days of Summer?” With the summer heat comes special considerations to remember when traveling outside with your pet. As responsible pet owners, most people know not to leave pets in hot cars or scorching asphalt and provide plenty of water. But there are also some risks you might have overlooked. Here are a few tips to keep your dog healthy and comfortable next time you go enjoy the summer outside with your pet.

Avoid the high-noon heat: In-between the hours of 11 A.M. and 3 P.M. are considered the peak heat hours of the day. If you have an older pet or one with a thick coat, consider taking walks or engaging in activities before or after these times of day.

Groom your pet the right way: A dog’s coat is sometimes used for protection so keep this in mind before your pets get a summer haircut. Trimming is good, but make sure your pet doesn’t get too close of a shave. Remember, dogs CAN get sunburned and the correct dog grooming technique is important!

Is your lawn pet friendly? In 2010, the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center received more than 4,000 calls related to garden toxins. These include herbicides, plants (hydrangea, tulips, azaleas, and lilies), insecticides, mushrooms, fertilizers and cocoa mulch. Weed killers, herbicides, and fertilizers are toxic and can even cause cancer. All a dog or cat has to do is walk on the lawn and lick its paws to be exposed.

Provide ample amount of shade and water: Hydration is key. Both inside and outside pets should have a full water bowl at all times. Water left sitting in the hot sun doesn’t do much good. Pet owners should provide ample amounts of cool (not ice cold) water in shaded areas.

Now that summer’s in full swing it’s more important than ever to keep your pet cool and in the heat for only limited intervals. Remember your pet cannot tell you when they are overheated so make sure to watch their demeanor. Now get outside and enjoy the summer with your pet.

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