Internet Pet Scams – Don’t be a victim!

Internet pet scams - don't be a victim!You’re looking for a purebred dog or cat, bird or monkey, slider or pet pig. You answer a classified ad on the internet or post one of your own and you get an email back stating that someone has your puppy or kitten waiting for you. They send pictures and say that, for a very small amount of money, they will ship your pet to you at little or no cost. All you have to do is to wire the funds via Western Union or some other wiring service to Cameroon. They send you an authentic looking manifest with airline information on it, which is really cut and paste artwork with logos and pictures stolen from other websites without permission.

A day or so later, they inform you that your pet is in an airport someplace and needs either another crate, vaccination, pet insurance or medical attention and you will be held personally liable if you do not wire more money. If you send more money, they come up with another excuse why your pet cannot be delivered. They threaten that you will be held personally liable if you do not pay.

In reality, there is no pet and you have been caught up in an internet pet scam. Hundreds of people just like you have sent thousands of dollars to Cameroon in hopes of picking up an adorable pet they see in a picture. There are many warning signs. Read the full article on internet pet scams.


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  1. Amin – this is a scam. Cameroon was the starting place for pet scams and continues to be where scams originate. We would strongly recommend that you do not send any money to this individual. They will make all sorts of promises, but there will be no pet for you. They will keep asking for money for insurance, special crates, vaccinations, etc.

  2. Hello admin.
    I’m in contact with a person name david, he is from Cameroon. He is agree to send me siberian husky puppy. I just checked the zip code of Cameroon on Google and found your block. So whats your suggestion. should i pay or not. ?

  3. You should always go a see the pet and pick them up yourself. Make sure they are healthy. So many breeders around. Plus it’s not good to have them fly on planes. Not good for them.

  4. I’m wondering the same thing. Got the same info. Emailed payment arrangements for WalMart. Of course they wanted money first. Imagine little leary too.

  5. Evans – we do not know this company; however, if you are buying a pet over the internet and you have been asked to wire money anywhere but especially Cameroon, it is a scam. Once you wire money, then it is gone and no way to get it back. Tell your breeder that you are coming to pick up the dog (even if you can’t) and if they hesitate, then that is also a red flag. Most scammers promise door to door delivery at a very low price and do not know import regulations to various countries. That is also a sign of a scammer. No way to speak on the phone? Another red flag. Be careful.

  6. Selena.. I am wondering the same thing? If you have any information on Crystal super pets please let me know. I will do the same.

  7. I am wondering he same thing? Is crystal a legit breeder? Crystal super pets?
    I’m not trying to get scammed.

  8. Selena – How will you pay for the Pom? Western Union to Cameroon? That is a red flag, for sure. Is she offering the puppy for free or discounted rate or with free shipping? Does she know the import regulations for your country? Email us at with details on what she has sent you and we can likely tell.

  9. The name is crystal super pets she sent an email of a tea cup Pomeranian I wanted to adopt and it seems convincing but still not fully sure just wondering if someone was ever scammed by them or knows anything about that website I mean the lady has a Facebook page and pictures of the animals on her site but know a days you can do that easily on line need help ASAP.

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