International Pet Travel Country Questions

International Pet TravelTraveling internationally with a pet? Have questions about country requirements for entering with a pet?

  • Will my pet be quarantined?
  • What vaccinations does my pet need?
  • Will my pet need a passport?

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International Pet Travel Country Questions — 737 Comments

  1. Alyssa – Norway has a new rule prohibiting the import of stray dogs from other countries. It appears now that documentation must be provided to prove that you are not importing a stray dog. The US will want to see proof of current rabies vaccination (which you have). Ask your airline whether a health check is required prior to travel. No vet appointment or pre-notification needed in Houston.

  2. I am moving my two dogs from Norway to the US. (They are originally from the US.) They have 3 year rabies vaccinations that they received in the US, after getting microchipped. The rabies vaccination won’t expire until June of 2020. I have their rabies vaccination certificates and the health certificates that were issued in the US before we left for Norway (a little over a year ago). We are flying KLM, but KLM hasn’t provided me with any requirements for the dogs to travel. I also don’t know if I need an appointment with a vet at the airport in Houston. (I apparently was supposed to have one in Oslo, when I landed, but I didn’t know about that in advance.)

  3. Hi, I flew my boxer mix to HK 4 years ago on United. It was the greatest experience of my life. Every person involved was incredible! I moved back to the US. I need to fly her back ASAP. She is a senior dog, and I want her to be with me. Will you please accept flying her back to the US. I am willing to sign all waivers if she were to die during flight travel. Who can I speak to about making this happen ASAP. Thank you so much.

  4. Elsa – no tapeworm treatment required by EU legislation to enter Croatia with a dog; however, tapeworm treatment is always a good idea. No health certificate needed as you have an up to date EU Pet Passport unless you are flying and your airline requires it.

  5. Hi! I am travelling from Norway (where I live with my dog since December last year) to Croatia in August for 2 weeks (vacation). My dog is coming with me and she has a EU pet passport from Portugal where the dog is originally from. She is microchipped and has the rabbies vaccination up to date.
    My question is if I need a health certificate for her before entering Croatia (signed by her vet on her pet passport) and if she needs to have the echinococcus tablet before we travel.
    Many thanks in advance,
    Kind regards,

  6. Alexandra – according to their regulations, Turkey will impose home quarantine for the balance of the 90 days. Enforcement of this regulation has been inconsistent.

  7. hello. I want to travel with my family and dog to Turkey at the beginning of august..2nd or 3rd..and I did the rabbies vaccine today plus microchip plus EU passport.. the results of the blood test will be done before leaving..but what about those 90 days period? do we have to wait 90 days? or if the results are posted in the passport is it okay to leave? will we have problems? Please explain and help me cuz I’m kind of panicked.

  8. Hello Josh – you can find requirements to enter either Colombia or Peru here (click the drop down menu): We would note that all health certificates have validity dates, so, if you have been in Ecuador for any amount of time, you will need to see a veterinarian for a new health certicate. Thanks for the blog post reference. We always appreciate personal experiences when traveling with a pet.

  9. Hello! I am currently traveling with my Maltipoo Teemo in Ecuador. We are hoping to head to Colombia or Peru next and I am wondering what, if anything is required to cross those borders. I have all my documentation to enter Ecuador when I entered from the USA. Any advice would be MUCH appreciated 🙂
    Lastly if you would like to follow my blog, detailing my adventures thus far with my dog, please like share and follow!:

  10. Cerebral – you can find export requirements to export your mom’s cats from Turkey and reimport them here and there are links to further instructions and forms if you need them: Also, you can find regulations to import them to the UAE here: Follow the steps in order. Your mom will need to fly her cats into the UAE as air cargo, so she will need to find an airline that flies the entire route and contact their cargo department to book their transport.

  11. Hello,

    I live in Dubai and my mom will be visiting me for 4weeks. She would like to bring our two cats (both 10 months old) for her visit, and will take back on her return. She lives in Turkey. Do we need to go through importation phase for such a travel? If you could hepl me with the requirements, I would be grateful!

    Thanks a lot,

  12. Malih – it appears from your post that you will be changing airline companies in Panama City, correct? If yes, then your pet will need to clear customs and enter Panama as the airlines will not interline your pet. It will need to meet these requirements:

    If you are flying into and out of Panama on the same airline company, the airline will move your dog between airplanes and it will not enter the country.

  13. Hello
    I have a spitz dog ,12 kg and i’m passenger from iran to ecuador but i have 2 ticket , one of in Istanbul to panama city and other one in panama city to ecuador.i have transit visa . Given that I am a transit traveler, do I give me a dog at Panama airport so I can go to Ecuador with another flight?

  14. Danni – if your kitten is over 3 months of age, it will need to show proof of current rabies vaccination to enter Canada. It should also have a health certificate to enter the US and your airline may require it. We do not know from your post what airline you are flying; however, you can find pet policies for over 150 airlines here:

  15. I plan on sending my kitten to the US with a friend on June 1. The flight starts in Israel, and she will have an overnight stay in Canada before flying on to Virginia. Does my kitten need anything more than a travel certificate and passport (including shots, rabies and microchip) to get him from Israel to Canada and on through to the US? Also, he will have to fly cargo with this particular airline…is that safe? Thanks!

  16. Nichole – wait 3-4 weeks after rabies vaccination before having your veterinarian administer the rabies titer test. The day the lab receives the blood sample, the 180 day clock starts ticking. The titer test is good for 24 months.

  17. Hello my cat had her rabies vaccination on 11th April. How long after can she have her blood test? Also me and my partner are leaving to go Australia at the end of June and have to wait for his 6 month probation to be over before we can bring our cat with us. How long is the blood test valid for?

  18. Marco – your cats will not have a problem entering Switzerland as long as your cats have an EU health certificate endorsed by your State USDA office indicating that your cats were microchipped before the rabies vaccination. If your cats are not currently microchipped, they will need to be microchipped and re-vaccinated at least 21 days before travel. If this is the case, the rabies vaccination should be a one year vaccination as it will be considered a “primary” vaccination.

    If your cats were microchipped when their current rabies vaccinations were administered, it certainly would be easier to get them re-vaccinated in the US when you take them to the vet to get the EU health certificate done. Easier than taking them to a vet in Switzerland right away after getting there.

  19. Emily – there is an EU approved lab in Ukraine: Central State Laboratory of Veterinary Medecine

    Donetskaya str., 30
    UA-03151 Kiev

    Tel: +380.243.37.55

    Date of approval: 30/01/2006

    Expiry date: 11/10/2011

    State Scientific and Research Institute of Laboratory Diagnostics and Veterinary Sanitary Expertise

    30, Donetskaya Str.
    Kyiv-151, 03151, Ukraine

    Details of the laboratory:
    Tel: +380 44 243.37.54
    Fax: +380 44 243.37.55

    Details of the contact point:
    Tel: +380 44 278.84.92

    We apologize for the confusion.

  20. Hello,

    I have purchased your pet passport packet for Ukraine; I will be taking my cat into the UK.

    I notice that, in the Blood Titer Lab document of the pet passport, there is a lab in Ukraine. However, on this blog you had indicated to me that the closest lab is in Russia. Does this mean that the document in the pet passport about the Blood Titer labs is not accurate/the lab listed there in Ukraine is not acceptable?

    My cat has an appointment to have the blood drawn for the titer test tomorrow.

    Thank you.

  21. We will be traveling with three cats from USA to Switzerland on July 18th 2018. Cats had rabies shots ( one year ) on July 27th 2017. So technically still valid 10 days till the one year is up. Will this be OK or the fact that it is close to the expiration the Swiss authorities give us trouble? Entering Zurich via Washington.

  22. It seems that you have done a lot of research on importing your cat to Pakistan (which is good). We have posted requirements here as well: Be sure and bring your cat’s rabies certificate showing current rabies vaccination(s). If your cat was just vaccinated, wait for 30 days before travel. That said, we understand that, pets leaving Saudi Arabia will need to be microchipped, have proof of vaccinations, a health certificate issued within 10 days of travel, an export permit and a copy of the owner’s passport. You may want to check with customs to see what they will be looking for.

  23. Hello
    I am planning on taking my 2 cats with me this year but no matter how hard i search i am always worried i dont have the complete info. I am going from riyadh, saudi arabia to karachi, Pakistan through saudi airlines.
    So far what i have gathered by asking vets and calling the airline customer service is that cats need to be less than 5 kgs for in cabin travel, carrier should meet airline demands, a health certificate that is valid for a week and a pet import/export. And that Pakistan doesnt require microchipping. Can you pleeease guide me, i m a nervous wreck already!

  24. Tyler – no blood test required for your pup to enter the United Kingdom from Italy or any other EU country (or the United States for that matter). If your pet’s EU Pet Passport is up to date, get the tapeworm treatment. Check with your airline to see whether your pup will need a health certificate.

  25. Hello,

    We brought our dog from the US to Europe, going through the entire certificate process with no problems. We have been in Europe for 9 months so we had to get him a pet passport, since the US certificate only lasts 4 months. He now has a European Pet Passport from Italy.

    We are now looking to go to the UK. Our dog never had a blood test. He is up to date on rabies and I know he would need tapeworm treatment before going. My questions is, would our dog need the blood test since he was originally from the United States? or would he be able to enter the UK without it since he has a European Pet Passport now?

    Thank you so much!

  26. Thank you for the clarification.

    Can you provide me with a list of approved labs in the EU to which I can have the Ukrainian clinic send the blood titer sample? I am assuming that the Russian lab will send results in Russian, and this is going to be very difficult to have translated/accepted in UK.

    I don’t speak Russian, only English, and while I can probably pay someone to help the Ukrainian vet fill out the EU health certificate in English, I don’t know what I would do about having the blood titer results translated to English.

    Thanks again.

  27. Emily – you can print the EU health certificate and take it to your vet. As Russia is not part of the EU, there is no bilingual version of this form in English/Russian. Our package includes instructions on how to fill the form out. ( Your veterinarian will send the blood sample with instructions for a FAVN rabies test to the approved lab in a refrigerated blood pack via overnight services.

  28. Thank you for your reply. I would be very grateful for some clarification on the following two points:

    1. Do I simply print the EU health certificate myself from online? The Ukrainian vet does not speak English, but so I suppose I will need to hire someone to translate it to Russian for him unless there is a Russian version online he can see: is there?

    2. I understand that the closet approved lab is in Russia. However, does this mean I need to physically take my cat to Russia (if so, this is not possible and I will need to find a new home for the cat)? I was told that there is one official clinic in Kiev that can draw the blood, and they will send the blood to a lab: is this true, and do they need to send the sample to the clinic in Russia you indicated?

  29. Emily – answer to question #1: No, the vet in Ukraine will enter the vaccination in the EU health certificate (Annex I or IV). The only information that the vet is allowed to enter is the tapeworm treatment. This is according to EU and UK legislation.

    Answer to question #2: the closest approved lab to you is in Russia: Institute of Veterinary Medicine Biotechnology LLC (IBVM), 27 Starovskogo ulitsa, Volginski urban locality, Petushinski regiono Vladimir oblast, Telephone: +7-495-9175136, E-mail:,

    Answer to question #3: the need for an agent depends on the airline you choose. British Airlines, Iberia and Aer Lingus subcontract live animal transport with IAG Cargo and an agent is required to book the transport. This is not the case with all airlines. You have to contact the cargo department and ask. Know that an agent is required at the London end, but normally, the airlines arrange for this and include their services in the price of transport.

  30. Hello,

    I have spent considerable time looking over your responses, and the information on the website about transporting pets into the UK. I have 3 questions:

    1. The website says that a vet from a country from the UK doesn’t accept a pet passport may not put information into an EU pet passport. My cat has an EU pet passport, but we are currently in Ukraine. The Ukrainian vet wants to put the information from this year’s rabies vaccination into my cat’s passport so that we can have the blood titer test done: they will not do the blood titer test here in Ukraine unless the Ukrainian vet puts the rabies shot info into the cat’s passport. Is it OK if the Ukrainian vet puts the rabies vaccination into my cat’s EU pet passport?

    2. It says on the website that the blood titer test must be conducted by an approved lab. Can you please tell me where I can find a list of approved labs? I need to make sure that the Ukrainian people who are doing the blood titer test send it to a lab that will be accepted by the UK.

    3. Can I simply check my cat as cargo with one of the approved airlines/routes listed on the website, or do I need to use a “company”? I am very unclear about whether a pet transport company is needed at all if I am intending to fly to the UK at the same time as my cat will be transported.

    Thank you.

  31. Emily – we addressed your question in a previous post. Let us know if you have additional questions.

  32. Emily – we always mention the microchip because it can be a deal breaker if your cat does not have it. You do not need to re-microchip. The need for an EU health certificate depends on whether your cat has received rabies vaccinations while in Ukraine. These vaccinations must be shown on the HC and cannot be recorded in the EU Pet Passport. The wait time before the titer test depends on whether your cat is currently vaccinated and, if so, how long ago it received its vaccination.

  33. This website states that “Only vets in countries that the UK accepts pet passports from can enter information into the pet passport (except for tapeworm treatments.” I am in Ukraine with my cat (she has an EU passport). Apparently a Ukrainian vet cannot put any information in her passport because Ukraine is not a country from which the UK accepts pet passports: how, then, can I take my cat from Ukraine to UK?

  34. Susan,

    Thanks for your answer. I am a bit confused about the fact that you indicate I need to have my cat microchipped because she already has a microchip, the number of which is recorded in her passport.

    My cat received a microchip and an EU pet passport 5 years ago; she has the microchip intact. She has been in Ukraine with me for the past 5 years. Do you mean that I need to have another microchip added, and get her a new passport in Ukraine? Does the fact that she already has a microchip and EU passport impact the procedure I need to follow to move her from Ukraine to UK?

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