International Pet Travel Country Questions

International Pet TravelTraveling internationally with a pet? Have questions about country requirements for entering with a pet?

  • Will my pet be quarantined?
  • What vaccinations does my pet need?
  • Will my pet need a passport?

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International Pet Travel Country Questions — 773 Comments

  1. Ayashan – if you are flying to Frankfurt one another airline, then changing airline companies to Lufthansa, then you will need to clear customs in Germany and recheck your cat on Lufthansa. Germany will be your point of entry country to the EU. The documentation that you use to enter Germany will also be good to enter Hungary.

    You do not mention a rabies titer test. It will be required to enter any EU country if you are originating in Kazakhstan. You can see regulations to enter all EU countries here (click the drop down menu):

  2. Hello!
    We are travelling with a cat from Astana to Budapest
    We have microchip and vaccines on time . But wizz air doesn’t permit animals . So we are going from Astana to Frankfurt then by Lufthansa we are going to Budapest.
    Will she stay with us in transit zone or not? And any documents we need for there?

  3. Codi – pigs are not considered as pets when importing to any country; they are imported under livestock regulations. As we deal primarily with domesticated pets, we do not have those regulations. You can research livestock regulations for many countries under the Ministry of Agriculture. Sorry we can’t provide more information. Know as well that your pig will need to fly as air cargo, so you will be dealing with the cargo department of an airline that flies your entire route.

  4. I have a mini pig that is Mirco chipped and up to date on all of his shots. What countries am I able to bring him to? Please advise since I would like to bring him overseas. He is currently a tear old and weighs aprox 50-60 pounds.
    thank you

  5. Alexander – if it is permitted, you will likely need an import permit. You can get more information from the Directorate General for Food and Veterinary at . Your snails will need to be transported as air cargo. You will be dealing with the cargo department of an airline that flies the entire route.

  6. Dorothy – Pit bulls are banned from entry to the Province of Ontario and cities of Winnipeg and Toronto. The country does not ban them. Dangerous dog laws are legislated at the province and city level. If you have a destination city in mind, best to Google your city and banned breeds.

  7. Hello,
    I am traveling to Porto, Portugal from Venezuela through Tap Air Portugal, arriving at Porto Airport. I was wondering if snails, particularly Giant African Land Snails, are permitted in Portugal? And if so, where can I find a guide of the regulations and paperwork for importing such animals, and could they be brought on board the plane (such as in the cabin or in the hold) or do they need to be shipped?

  8. Stacey – the name on the health certificate should match your new name if you are getting your US Passport changed. The old one should be returned to you, so bring that as well.

  9. Moving to Taiwan from US. Does the name on the pet paperwork have to match the person traveling with the dog? I am getting married so the paperwork is in my maiden name, but I will be changing it after we get married before we move. Can I just show my marriage license and proof?

  10. Josefina – the USDA and CDC will not require a rabies certificate to customs clear your pup. It should not be vaccinated until 3 months of age according to Florida regulations.The puppy should have a current health certificate and conform to all export requirements from Argentina.

  11. I am traveling with a two month old puppy from Argentina to Miami.
    I already have all the required certificates yet the only thing I cannot seem to understand is what to do regarding the rabies vaccinations since she is too young.

    Can I still travel with her?

    Thanks, Josefina

  12. Ana – as you are accompanying your dog into Norway, it can travel under non-commercial regulations. It will need proof of current rabies vaccination administered after a microchip was implanted and, if not currently vaccinated or chipped, it will need to wait for 21 days before travel. With an EU health certificate issued and endorsed within 10 days of travel, you should have no issues clearing customs in Norway. If your dog is flying in the cargo hold as checked baggage, you will need claim it at baggage claim and clear customs with it. If it is flying as air cargo, you will need to claim it at your airline’s cargo facility.

  13. We are relocating with our dog from Perth (Aus) to Norway. We are using an agent to move her but I will be doing the customs clearance on arrival and wanted to know if there are any specific considerations I need to have in mind for clearing customs in Oslo??
    Thank you, Ana.

  14. Lauren – you can find requirements to import your dog from the Republic of Georgia to the United Kingdom here and there are links to further instructions and forms if you need them: We would note that, because the EU classifies the Republic of Georgia as a high-rabies country, the titer test in step #3 will be required. As long as all requirements are met, your dog will not need to be quarantined when entering the United Kingdom.

  15. Hi we are traveling on Jan 5th with our dog to Spain, and are worried about the ability to get APHIS approval with the ongoing govt shutdown. Is an in person meeting at JFK the best option?

  16. I am looking into bringing a dog from the Rebublic of Georgia to the UK.

    She is vaccinated and has a passport.

    Will she need to go into quarantine?

  17. Wonnie – there will be no issues entering the US from Japan with a cat that is accompanied by a health certificate and proof of current rabies vaccination. We would urge you to contact Delta and confirm that your cat can fly with you on this route in the cabin (if that is your intention). If it is going to fly as air cargo, then the flight must be under 12 hours in duration. Know also that if you select a soft sided carrier like these ( the height restriction can be met by compressing the carrier.

  18. Hello, I am currently trying to cover all my basis in preparation to move back to my home in Ohio from Japan. I have 1 cat, mix breed.
    I have:
    -Researched airline policies and will be choosing Delta airlines.
    -Researched required pet documents and quarintine policies.

    With that knowledge I have already notified my vet a year ago I will be returning with my cat. Micro-chipped him within his first year. Will try to contact Delta for a flight that will be least stressful for my cat. I am still on the fence with my choices on amazon for pet carrier b.c I want the maximum dimension I can get within airline policy. Prepped to buy my cat a few tubes of 10g puree snacks (in ziplock bags of course) to help calm him for the flight.

    However even with all preparation I still can not find one piece of information to complete my preparation. Additional documentaries may be required by the specific state I will end up in. So, I have clicked and typed in all over google and all over the international pet policy sites and I can not for the love of my cat find ‘additional documentaries’ requirement for pets on Ohio state.

    So I can’t find a grain of info on CDC website which sent me to -> USDA website (no dice) and sends me to -> Ohio Department of Agriculture (which had no documents or policies for cats at all) digging all over the GOVERNMENT PROVIDED sites I could not get a pixel on any ‘state specific’ additional requirement for my cat.
    Frustratingly I used all mix and match of words I could on google and uh…
    There was moving from STATE by STATE policy and they listed that ohio requires CVI(certified vet inspection) and proof of rabies vaccine.

    Is it safe to assume that for moving from COUNTRY of Japan to STATE of Ohio, the ALL the vetinary documents I need for my final destination (Ohio) is CVI and proof of rabies vaccine?

  19. Heather – you can find requirements to import your dogs to Spain here: As long as your dogs were chipped before they had their rabies vaccination and steps 1-3 were followed, the EU health certificate is what they will need. (also rabies certificates) Worming is advised but not required by current EU legislation. It is a practice commonly administered in Spain.

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